Diddy Pon’s Weekly Deals: Kettle Chips and Garden of Eatin’!  »

Now, from what I understand, not all Kettle Chips are vegan, so do your homework and don’t blame me because you accidentally ate some cheese or a whole steak. These are on sale at Whole Foods for 3 for $6 (normally about $3 a bag!), and if you go here and “take the pledge,” WHATEVER THAT MIGHT MEAN, you can get a $1 off coupon, making each bag after sale and coupon this week only $1.

Garden of Eatin’ is kind of an adorable company because it was started by some midwestern farmer who went vegetarian after seeing his family slaughter his pet chicken. Or something. I’m easily swayed. These chips are on sale at Whole Foods for 3 bags for $7 (regularly $3 each). Go here for a $1 off coupon, and get each bag for OH DO YOUR OWN MATH. IT’S CHEAP, TRUST ME.

Diddy Pon, out!

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