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At Vegansaurus we talk a lot about restaurants, but even we can’t eat out every night (especially in these harrowing economic times, blah blah blah). A lot of vegan blogs tend to feature recipes like this or this, a LITTLE out of the reach of everyday eating. So from time to time we will post recipes that are, above all, easy, cheap, and creative, in addition to being delicious. This recipe has exactly two ingredients, and they are both prepackaged and ready to go. Normally I would encourage you to buy local, etc., but this is perfect for when you’re feeling budget-conscious and lazy-conscious.

The Trader Joe’s no-cheese roasted vegetable pizza is exactly the same as the Amy’s brand, it’s simply been repackaged and sold for about $3 less. Gardenburger Riblets are also cheaper at Trader Joe’s than they are anyplace else. (When I first heard of Riblets, I thought maybe it was slang for a 12-year old hooker.* But that’s another story!) All in all, this meal will cost you about six dollars and will serve two people. Moreover, Riblets come two to a box, so you’ll have one left over to use on a sandwich or to give to trick-or-treaters. It might be about $9 or $10 if you buy the ingredients somewhere other than Trader Joe’s. Note that I have also tried putting Follow Your Heart cheese on this pizza to more mundane effect. For some reason the pizza sauce doesn’t really go with cheese.

1 Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza
1 Gardenburger Riblet (half of one package)

1. Preheat oven according to pizza box instructions.
2. Thaw Riblet. You could put it in the microwave for a minute or so, or leave it on the counter while you do your roommate’s dishes or something.
3. Cut Riblet into about eight or so chunks and place evenly around the pizza. Make sure you get all the extra barbecue sauce on the pizza too. If you were really nuts into the Riblet experience, you could try putting BOTH of them on the pizza, but that would probably be overkill—and then what would you give the trick-or-treaters?
4. Cook pizza according to package instructions.
5. The final step in any good recipe is “Enjoy!” and this one is no exception.

*See, because she’s skinny. And the -let suffix suggests something small. Also she’s covered in BBQ sauce and ringing your doorbell Halloween night.

[photo illustration by the author]

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