It’s time to do stuff! Shut down fur stores, help animals in Japan and join the Great American Meatout in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Have you been thinking about the animals affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Well, @FigaroRascal’s favorite paper, the Anipal Times, has posted a wealth of information on how the situation with animals in Japan is being handled as well as what you can do to help. GO! READ! HELP!

Lunch Box Bunch had a post this week with 15 food photography tips! I need to read them. Shut up! I do the best job my iPhone can do.

Bay Area vegan Ai Hiruma-Martinez of If Martha Was Vegan got a recipe published in Rachel Ray’s magazine! Go Ai! It’s a quinoa salad. Pick up your copy of the magazine and tell them you love vegan recipes! In other news: I find Rachel Ray insufferable, anybody with me?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s bechamel sauce! I started following this French blog on twitter and they posted this super-looking bechamel recipe. I plugged it into google translate and it doesn’t look that difficult! What’s your favorite recipe that calls for bechamel sauce? Tell me now! I’m hungry!

The oldest wild bird in the northern hemisphere, a 60-year-old albatross named Wisdom, totally got her groove back! Wisdom has a new chick! She is amazing scientists with her longevity and fertility. God bless you and your libido, Wisdom.

Hey, ever wonder what a gay rights activist thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Being Vegan is SO Gay!

Hey, ever wonder what Glamour magazine thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Why is Everyone Going Vegan?

Hey sandwich-lovers! Check out this list of the seven best vegan sandwiches in New York for under $7! GIVE THEM TO ME.

Now here’s something, from, a successful grassroots model to shutting down fur stores! Successful stuff is like my fave.

What are you doing this weekend for Meatout? You are supposed to host a meat-free event and get the people excited about vegan food! DO IT! OR go to an event someone else is hosting like this one in San Francisco:

What: Vegan Feed-in, leafleting, and signs at the March & Rally to Stop the Wars
When: Saturday, Mar. 19 at noon.
Where: UN Plaza
RSVP: Contact FARM’s new West Coast Coordinator, Alex Felsinger;


Post-election fallout: Some people just don’t get it  »

NO. No, fighting for animal rights and fighting for human rights are not mutually exclusive battles. As a volunteer for the Prop. 2 campaign in San Francisco, I can say it took a lot of convincing to get people on our side, whereas the No on 8 signs appeared in windows citywide seemingly overnight. No one I know voted for Prop. 8, and we are all extremely upset over its apparent passage.

BUT Prop. 2 is groundbreaking legislation, and farm animals deserve the freedoms this is going to give them. Locking up chickens six-to-eight to a cage for their entire lives is unacceptable. It’s inhumane and disgusting, and this election proved that a majority of California voters finally believe that too.

It is too easy to ignore the treatment of animals raised for food—animals no one thinks of as “cute,” they live in their own filth, when their limbs break they stay broken—but in the nation’s largest agricultural state, we have now promised to pay attention. Prop. 2 gives a voice to the voiceless food animals, without altering the fundamental relationship most people have with them.

Gay people have voices, and advocates. We will fix this. If Prop. 8 does pass, it will be challenged in the courts, and a proposition overturning it will go on the 2010 ballot, and Californians will recognize gay marriage again, for the third and FINAL time. I am sorry that the No on 8 campaign was unsuccessful; it certainly wasn’t for a lack of money or sponsorship: PG&E, Levi’s, Google, Apple—major corporations came out against it, as did the papers, and the celebrities, and everyone with a heart and a brain. It shouldn’t have passed, but it did.

You might say the same thing about Prop. 2, except that the Humane Society ran its campaign extremely well, and the workers and volunteers were tireless, and we ultimately succeeded. Maybe because we felt the odds against it passing were so great, HSUS knew not to give up to let up; maybe opponents felt that the odds of Prop. 8 passing were so small, it didn’t seem like they had to fight it as hard as we proponents did.

Never think that animal rights activists value animal rights over human rights. Consider that what we want is equality on a much greater scale; we want a society where all beings can live free from violence and hunger and hatred. Personally, I give my time to animals and my money to people, and I feel all right with that division. Maybe, instead of railing against the citizens who were so good as to pass Prop. 2 voting “for the cute animals,” you the outraged might give your time and money to the new fight against Prop. 8. I’m sure it’s needed.


I went and ate a bunch of chicken with Ed tonight and I was really exhausted from eating so much celebration food that I came home and spaced out in front of episodes of Picket Fences on my computer and tried to decompress. I don’t know if this point has been brought up or not, and I’m sure it probably has by this late hour, but I feel like I gotta say something:

It appears that the ban on gay marriage is going to get passed, as well as Prop 2, which as Spiegs put it is basically asking that we give chickens “more legroom”.

What this tells me, California, is that you value the life of a chicken that was breed for your consumption more than you do about equal rights for your fellow man. Uh, hey guys? That’s fucking retarded.

No, I mean. I get it. Animals are cute. When you were voting to pass Prop 2, you were thinking “Oh, yeah. Well, I like animals. Sure!” But it’s about more than that, as is banning gay marriage. Voting no on the ban was not about letting the homos catch up to you and possibly beat you in the race of life, you fucking bigots. It was about preventing permanent restrictions on our rights. If you can’t look outside of yourself to find a reason to care, think about a right that you have been afforded as a citizen of this country being taken away from you because you are a part of any marginalized group. If that’s the kinda thing we’re into, then I want to ban all James Francos from boning any not mes.

Anyway, people are fucking idiots, but it’s OK. We have a black president, I have Sour Patch Kids.

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