Product Review: Sacha Vida Gelatinized Maca fuels your vegan libido!  »

No animals were hurt in the making of this maca. Photo via Sacha Vida.

Back when I was part of a raw food group out in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona desert, I learned that offering up a maca-laden smoothie was the most expedient and reliable way to getting into another raw foodist’s unisex hemp kilt. To be fair, maca’s aphrodisiac effects may be placebo in nature and we were all pretty bored out there, but the stuff still tastes amazing and has other great nutritional properties!

I didn’t know this, but a lot of people say maca is good for your stamina, hormones, energy levels, memory, and even your immune system and fertility! Zing! I recently tried a complimentary batch of Sacha Vida’s new gelatinized maca, which, despite the ground-dead-animal-hoof connotations of its name, is completely vegan! “Gelatinized” refers to the process the maca undergoes to remove the hard-to-digest starches, making it smooth smoothie sailing!

Highly delicious, no tummy problems to report, and I’m now ready for some kilt-jumping. Who’s with me?

Right now, Vegansaurus readers receive 30 percent off all products on Sacha Vida’s website by using the coupon code “vegansaurus”. Get on it, y’all!


Annals of self-promotion: we’re angry about additives!  »

Laura wrote about eggs in veggie food products like Quorn and Lightlife for SF Weekly! Using eggs in otherwise vegan products is unnecessary and inconvenient and what the hell, companies?

Meave got angry about gelatin hiding everywhere. Seriously, everywhere! Every time the pretty ladies in the commercials say “collagen,” imagine “bone from the slaughter of cattle [that] is cleaned, degreased, dried, sorted, and crushed to a particle size of about 1-2 cm. The pieces of bone are then treated with dilute hydrochloric acid to remove mineral salts. The resulting sponge-like material is called ossein.” Yeah. A "sponge-like material" made from dead cows’ bones. That’s what you’re slapping on your faces, and you can’t even absorb it through your skin!

What are you all raging about today?

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