New vegan gelato coming to Whole Foods!  »

It’s called Genuto (cause it’s made with nuts GET IT) and I tried it at last weekend’s World Veg Fest in San Francisco and wrote about it (and an entire World Veg Fest breakdown, with awesome photography by my phone!) over at the wonderful Bay Area Bites. Go read it and learn about this delicious new vegan gelato that’s about to take over your life! It’ll be in Whole Foods and local natural grocery stores staring very soon. Like, in a month. Or less. Anyway: Learn lt, love it, live it. 


Vegan Gelato Tasting this Sunday in Berkeley!  »

For $10, you get all-you-can-eat, hand-crafted vegan gelato from vegan chef Barry Schenker. Eating mad vegan gelato (9 flavors!) in a fancy club in Berkeley? WE HAVE ARRIVED. Further details here.

If you’re planning on going, make sure to RSVP by email or call 510 649 0449. Let them know you are a T-1000 of ice cream and to prepare several tubs for your consumption. Also, if someone else eats from your tub, you’ll murder them. Oh, ‘cause you’re a people terminator, too. Make sure to mention that. OOH YOU COULD ALSO carry a picture of vegan gelato and be all, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?” or something. Also, dress like a cop. Yeah, do all that.


Review: La Copa Loca!  »

I am on some kind of cold dessert kick lately. Can I tell you when I last had a cold-n-creamy dessert? No, because it has been rather a long time. Still, I am reminded of the delicious gelato of La Copa Loca several times a week, as I find myself walking past the delivery truck parked on Capp and 26th Streets, or the storefront on Capp and 22nd. If we start reviewing by familiarity alone, my next write-up is going to be about the guy selling oranges on 23rd Street, I see that guy almost daily.

Right, but that’s not the point. We were discussing the beauty of La Copa Loca and its three vegan flavors of vegan gelato: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. I will grant you that Gelateria Naia’s vegan chocolate hazelnut tastes exactly like Europe (yes I mean the continent), and Copa Loca only ever makes the three flavors, none of which can really match Naia in depth or richness. Color me extremely biased; I did spend many months in Germany eating as much chocolate and ice cream as possible.

Of course not everyone feels this way. Copa Loca’s vegan coffee gelato is very good. Also, it is much more accessible than Naia—longer hours, around more restaurants, in a much more walkable neighborhood—what’s better than a nighttime stroll with a scoop of gelato in a colorful fluted cup? (because obviously it’s the cup that makes it.) You can say hello to all our friends in the Mission: the recovering mentally ill from the halfway houses; the cold, underdressed prostitutes; the rowdy guys spilling out of bars after international soccer games. Oh the friends you can meet while enjoying your tasty Copa Loca gelato! It’s inexpensive, too; you can get two cups of two scoops each for under $5, which in these economic times is so cheap it’s basically free. I mean, right?

La Copa Loca makes good vegan gelato. It’s open late, for San Francisco (ugh, city, we don’t all go to bed at midnight), it’s inexpensive, the vegan supply hasn’t run out on me yet, and the sign outside is so cheery and appetite-whetting, you have to be of great willpower to deny its siren song of vanilla-chocolate-coffee goodness. La Copa Loca’s storefront makes the neighborhood a little brighter, as it will your day when you give in to the gelato. Or do what I do, and don’t ever carry cash if you’re just out running errands. OR-or, succumb to the music and get a scoop every time; a little gelato now and then is good for you. It’s certainly good for your peace of mind. And happiness of tum.

[photos, top to bottom: acordova, mswine, mattdork]


Review: Gelateria Naia!  »

I discovered Gelateria Naia and its many sorbet and soy-based flavors on my way home from working out. I think god is doing this to punish me for the one time I called Marc Fransen a fat-ass in gym class. I am cursed. And also BLESSED. Because this isn’t your typical ice cream shop where you have to get a scoop of crappy, icy raspberry flavored sorbet. NO. They have many soy gelato flavors in addition to their awesome sorbets (which includes flavors like fig, Meyer lemon, pomegranate, peach, rhubarb and prickly pear! Fancy!) The soy gelato is outstanding. Rich, creamy and not overly soy-ee tasting. I like to mix the vanilla soy gelato with the peach sorbet and have a delightfully smooth peach fantasy. Also, that would be a great name for a stripper. The best, most delicious stripper.

According to their site, “[Naia] soy gelato is completely dairy-free and can be enjoyed by the lactose intolerant and both vegetarians and vegans. [Naia] soy gelato is made using fresh organic soy milk and sugar processed without bone char.”

Honestly, it’s super-cool that they put that on their website. They are actually thinking about vegans and that’s fresh. A+++ will do business with again!

This is a local chain with locations all over the SF Bay Area (including outposts in some Whole Foods!) but my favorite store is in the heart of the Castro. The location can’t be beat for tourists and locals alike, i.e. PEOPLE. WATCHING. And I don’t mean just the gays, you homophobes. The Castro is world-class people-watching for people of all sexual orientations, colors, heights, weights, piercings, manipulations, tooth count, leg count, arm count and different forms of crazy-eyes-itis. And their cute-ass dogs. Plus, there are some great shops ranging from the ultra-adorable to the downright skanky. Enjoy! And it’s super-close to Muni, folks!

In conclusion: I don’t care that it’s rainy and freezing right now, GO! Your ass will thank you!

[top photo via yelp; bottom photo via gelateria naia]

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