Calling All Vegan Families: Welcome to Generation Veggie!  »

Is there anything cuter than vegan babies playing together?  I mean, look at these faces! Image by Todd Moore.

When you’re fortunate enough to know other vegan families and have your children meet for the first time, it is nothing short of inspirational.  Seeing children not only living, but thriving on a vegan lifestyle, sends the message that you are indeed on the right track and your children are walking billboards for compassion. Whether they were born vegan or you’ve helped them transition to veganism at some point in their young lives, raising vegan children comes with challenges and hurdles not unlike the ones you encounter as an adult vegan. If only there were a community that tied solutions to all of those challenges together with a pretty bow to help make our lives a little more simple, sign me up!

Cue the Indiegogo campaign! The non-profit site promises to bring a smorgasbord of vegan family resources, including yummy recipes for kids, the low-down on how to have a healthy vegan pregnancy, tips for hosting vegan kids’ parties, and even—get this—a list of top vegan kid-friendly restaurants. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I’m excited to see this campaign succeed and can’t wait to delve head first into this magical Internet land of vegan families. Check them out and toss them some support.

Jessica Schoech is the founder of The Vedge App, an up-and-coming app that will revolutionize the way we find veg food worldwide. She is a self-professed crunchy, vegan mom (cloth diapers, anyone?), wife, and foodie, who finds the most joy in welcoming people of all backgrounds to the green side, especially vegan parents and children. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at Power to the Veg! on Facebook.

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