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Photo by Geoff Souder

I’m a fan of going to vegan meet-ups and making new friends. (Fun fact: I’ve met most of my vegan friends through Instagram and Facebook groups, which is sometimes weird to explain to omni friends. I digress…). I’d met Geoff once before, but got to know him better over (super tasty) tostadas at Mudhen Tavern during a Facebook meet up. He immediately “got” my east coast sarcasm, and I knew we were destined to be friends. 

He told me about his project, Fifty-two Faces, and I wanted to share it with the Vegansaurus community (“Vegansaurs”)! I’m a fan of covert vegan conversion operations, and Geoff’s explanation of this project sounded like it fit the bill. He explained that, “The project started with a vegan angle…I find that showing animals in pain turns people off, whereas getting them to think about compassion from a different angle seems to work. If we can get people to think about love and compassion, maybe they can start to see love everywhere.” In the spirit of love, I LOVE that! (Now I have this song in my head…)

I was especially excited to read the interview with Jackie S (aka Vegan Yack Attack). (I’m totes biased because we’re good friends, and she feeds me the awesome food that she makes.) The rawness of the interviews are really striking (interviewees were all put on the spot, and couldn’t prepare). It’s a yearlong project, which will feature a different person each week. Because Geoff is vegan (woot!), there will be a bunch of vegans interviewed (and we love that!!). 

Geoff is also a vegan (do I even need to say that again?) food photographer, and has said, “I’ve dedicated my photographic life to capturing food in a way that makes anyone, vegan or not, look at the food and say “wow, I gotta try that!” Food photography is a way for me to express that vegan food isn’t cardboard or all kale, and it can be extremely tasty. Again it’s a different angle on promoting veganism- Make the food look too good to miss.” (PREACH!) 

Keep on keepin’ on with the undercover types of activism (along with the overt kinds, too), fellow vegans (and keep coming to meet-ups so we can all be friends!)! 

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