Keep ups the ante! Animal Collective’s Ramos soon to be in adult sizes!  »

If you can remember all the way back to Monday (lush), you may recall the kids’ Ramos by Geologist, the latest addition to the Keep and Animal Collective collaboration. Well guess what?! People were all like, “Screw the children’s, I want a pair!” And Keep has delivered: the Ramos by Geologist will soon come in adult sizes. She-bangs! (That’s going to be my new exclamation of choice. Thanks Ricky!)

This picture is just a mock-up because I guess they were so excited about the announcement, they didn’t want to wait until they actually make one of these shoes. I’m into this mock-up though; you’re seeing something that doesn’t exist! It’s basically a unicorn. Just kidding, unicorns are totally played. It’s more like a libertarian who doesn’t annoy the shit out of me [Ed.: us!].


Keep reveals the third Animal Collective Collection shoe!  »

Hey-o! I think it’s the best one yet! It’s the kids Ramos by Geologist (nice nickname, Brian Weitz. Just kidding, I hate it (but we can’t all be Rascals! Just kidding, I’m taking applications)) and it’s the third and last in the Keep/Animal Collective Collection to benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund. I’m a little conflicted because it has SHARKS and it rules, but they don’t make them for adults! BUT! The kids’ shoes are tiny and adorable and how excited would little you have been to wear shark shoes?

Geologist had this to say about the shoes:

My design was inspired by three things—a doodle I often draw based on an image of a shark I saw on a beach closed sign, a birthday card Abby Portner made me a while back that had sort of a wallpaper feel to it, and having to get clothes for my kid. I just thought about how psyched I would be when I was a kid to have had sharks on my shoes and how psyched my kid will be to wear a pair if he ends up liking sharks. So basically I wanted to make a shoe for him and I decided to combine the above three things.

Now I want to know if his kid does eventually like sharks. Maybe he will update us! See people, that’s how you do a human-interest story: leave them wanting more! If you happen to order these kicks for your tiny tot, please please please send your Vegansaurus pictures! I promise to post them!

[Edit: there’s actually four shoes coming out in total! My bad! Thanks for the catch, Super Friend!]

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