We all loved that video last week of the chickens in the snow, so I thought we’d like this one too! And the royal we totally did. The gist is these are some goofy-ass cows having a nice romp of freedom in the pasture! Totally made me smile (and it’s hard to melt this cold heart). They are so stoked! As Terra from Upspire says, this might make people think twice about eating meat. I won’t hold my breath but I will cross my fingers!

I don’t entirely understand what this foundation is but if you read German, you can check out their site. Google translate is telling me it’s translated and I’m like, Google translate, I’m a poor speller, but not that poor!


German company Sante introduces vegan toothpaste with B12!  »

Sante is a company based in Hannover, Germany, which creates and manufactures “natural cosmetics.” This line now includes toothpaste with vitamin B12! Specifically for people whose diets make them susceptible to B12 deficiencies, like vegans!

Even better than it existing is that it works. Sante and Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU/German Vegetarian Society) conducted a study with some pretty great results. Namely, participants saw a “60 percent increase in vitamin B12 after 4 weeks of … two applications daily of a B12-toothpaste.” That is great!

VEBU details the study here, including some pretty clear charts. Yes, they’re entirely in German, but you can understand this, right?

Hint: “Vorher” means “before” and “Nachher” means “after.”

As for buying this wonderful toothpaste, it appears you can purchase it through VEBU, but only from certain countries, most of which are European, obviously. A quick Google turns up a few sites—but none of them ships to North America, either. Boo! I want this toothpaste! Actually, I’m pretty well-vitamined, but I love the idea of an organic, vegan dentifrice that cleans your teeth and protects you from future health issues.

Thanks for the hard work, VEBU and Sante. Now please sell us your product.

[images via VEBU]



Vegan puff pastry sticks with creamy onion filling from Soy Division! This German (I think? But it’s in English) blog sent us a link to check out and there are so many great recipes! Definitely a good food blog to look into. This happens to be an über easy to make (über is German talk). But boy is this up my alley! I love savory stick things and “creamy onion” is like my favorite song. 
I also want these pudding-jam-rolls! For reezy.

Vegan puff pastry sticks with creamy onion filling from Soy Division! This German (I think? But it’s in English) blog sent us a link to check out and there are so many great recipes! Definitely a good food blog to look into. This happens to be an über easy to make (über is German talk). But boy is this up my alley! I love savory stick things and “creamy onion” is like my favorite song. 

I also want these pudding-jam-rolls! For reezy.


Santa visits a pig factory farm in Germany. What you’re watching is probably the one moment of happiness in these pigs entire lives. Look at how dirty they are and those awful concrete floors they live their ENTIRE LIVES ON… the pigs I know LOVE to be clean, and love to rest on soft beds, and are very anal about keeping their living spaces immaculate. They are so smart and so sweet and so fucking awesome. OK, I need to look at Eric for a second so I don’t complete my transformation into the Grinch. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Top 10 links of the week: a joyful skip through veganism!  »

[Downer that the whale is in captivity but we can still appreciate its beauty. PS: Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Sorry dudes, I haven’t done links in a few weeks, so this list spans the last month or so. Were you guys sad without links? Which kinds of links do you like the best? I want to know so I can do the best possible job!

"Here’s the big secret that no one wants to talk about: We’re not very good at keeping what’s inside a cow’s intestines out of the meat." Ew. From Huffpo, "Doctors Take Aim at Antibiotic Resistance from Factory Farming.”

Apparently in Ukraine, restaurants keep bears and make them drink vodka. Well, not any more! Really though, wtf.

From Grist: “Is your Cheese Killing the Planet?” The article says, “bottom line: the vegans are right,” but I think their real message is one we’ve heard many a time: “bottom line: CHEESE IS YUM YUM! WEEEEEE!” Maybe we can add some comments.

Good piece from NYT: “Stop Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs.” Word.

Should we be surprised at cruelty in industrial farming? Em, no. An opinion piece from the Guardian.

If you liked the Teal Cat project post and want to learn more, here’s an interview with Isa all about it! Dude, it’s so cool. Right?

Some AR peeps burnt down a building in Germany that was set to be a factory farm. Discussion topic of the week: What do you think about property destruction as a form of protest in the animal rights movement? Or any movement, I guess.

I don’t know how much petitions do but if you were upset by that scary and sad story of the mama bear in the bile farm, here is one step you can take: sign this petition.

From Treehugger, study reveals mammal populations are down. Fucking A, you thought you just had to worry about the fish!

Boo has a book!

Bonus link: If I don’t say this every week, I mean this every week: don’t forget to read our Laura’s Week in Vegan over at SFWeekly every Friday! And leave comments to make her feel nice. Laura deserves to feel nice. We all do! Except some people.


Yvonne the renegade is the coolest cow in Europe  »

NPR has collected the amazing story of a six-year-old German cow called Yvonne, who three months ago got past an electric barrier and escaped to the forest, where she’s been living ever since. Why did she run? Perhaps a sense of impending doom, as her owners had intended her for the slaughterhouse. Her nominal owners have offered 10,000 euro for her safe return, but in the time as a fugitive Yvonne has become a sort of folk hero for the residents of Zangberg.

Yvonne has successfully avoided accidental and deliberate death so far, and brought significant, international attention and tourist traffic to Zangberg. Not bad for an animal who might’ve been Zangberg’s supper. Everyone’s happy! Except maybe her previous owners, and the people who run Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary—they want Yvonne to make a permanent home at their facility, but they can’t catch her, either. Some of us just need to be free.

[photo by Josef Enzinger/dapd via NPR]


Guest post: An interview with Mihl of Seitan Is My Motor!  »

Seitan Is My Motor is not only a cute reference to a clever song by Cake, it’s also an amazing food blog by vegan maven Mihl. She’s been blogging for over three years and has amassed quite a collection of recipes in her blog’s expansive index. And she doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, not a bit of it. Her photos are light and stunning (how does she do that? She has mad skills), and her prose is clear and unassuming.

Take a look at her beautiful photo of this mouthwatering Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake), which has ENTIRE PLUMS baked into the top of it. I’ve been dreaming about this cake ever since she posted, and only the cruelest tricks and whimsies of fate have prevented me from making it.

If you’re still not convinced, because you’re a total freak, know that the lovely Mihl lives in Dresden and posts selected recipes on a version of her site that is entirely auf deutsch. You have been looking for an opportunity to practice your German, haven’t you? How is she so amazing? I’ll let her explain for herself:

Vegansaurus: When did you start Seitan Is My Motor?
Mihl: Right away when I went vegan back in April 2007.

What inspired you to start a food blog?
The correct question would be “who inspired you?” When I thought about making the switch from vegetarianism to veganism, I started to read vegan food blogs. They provided so much information and since they were packed with awesome vegan recipes, they made the switch to go vegan very easy for me. I talked to my boyfriend about how awesome these blogs were and he suggested to start one as well. He even bought a digital camera. That’s how I started my blog.

What motivates you to keep blogging?
Several things. First of all, my readers, all the people who leave comments or just read my blog. Right from the beginning I got wonderful feedback and I met some awesome people through blogging. People from all over the world stop by my blog and I feel like I am part of a huge international community. It helped me to feel confident about my veganism right from the beginning. At that time I didn’t know any vegans in real life, and I still knew there were many like-minded people out there. Second, if you have access to the internet, blogging is an easy and cheap way of sharing ideas and information for free. And I probably wouldn’t think about cooking and baking that much if I didn’t have a blog. The blog documents how I developed some of my cooking and all of my baking skills. If it wasn’t for Seitan Is My Motor, I would probably still bake from cake mixes.

How would you describe your blog?
It’s a recipe blog that documents my experiences with vegan cooking, developing recipes, trying out new ingredients or flavor combinations.

What is your favorite food blog?
Have Cake Will Travel by Celine Steen. Her blog was one of the first food blogs I discovered. I loved Celine’s original recipes and her amazing writing skills.

Any advice for aspiring food bloggers?
Just start! A blog is a great place where you can post whatever comes to your mind. There are endless possibilities.

In a desert-island scenario, what three food items would you bring with you?
A loaf of whole rye sourdough bread, a bag of potatoes, a can of chickpeas.

What do you like best about being vegan?
I am vegan for ethical reasons. I am very glad I made that decision and I try to live my life as cruelty-free as possible. Knowing to have made the right decision and not having to make excuses anymore for consuming animal products is what I like best about being vegan.

What is your least favorite defensive-omnivore question/argument?
I don’t get that much negative feedback. Most people are curious about my lifestyle and their questions are honest. I’ve not always been vegan and I remember that I asked the same questions and made the same excuses. Using animals is such a huge part of our culture that it is really difficult for most people to look behind the scenes.

Now, just TRY to restrain yourself from holing up in your apartment for a week, baking all of her recipes, and slipping into the happiest carb-induced coma the world has ever seen. Photo by Mihl, of course.

Marla Wick lives in a small town in Sonoma County with one lucky fella and two cats. When she’s not practicing a perfect 1/4” dice or looking for work, she blogs at Vegan Squared and Bully Pulp.


Hello, friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

Several years ago I was very lonely. I was working full-time in a video store and had very few career aspirations; I had just ended a spectacular stint of dating with someone who was awesome and attractive but with whom I had very little in common; and when I wasn’t yelling at people to put their returns on the goddamned shelf of the counter that said “RETURNS” in large capital letters I was crying and playing video games. That’s when my friend Pali (who runs Rocket Dog Rescue) called and asked if I might like to adopt a pet.

"We’ve got a lot of hamsters here." she said.
"I have now had several hamsters," I replied. "I would like to move up in the world."
"What were you thinking of?" she asked.
A rabbit. A big one.”
"There are plenty of those," she said. "Get down here before six o’clock."

I jumped into a cab to the SF SPCA immediately, and within the hour returned home with a giant black bunny whom I respectfully named Ms. Cleo. This is a good story, but it gets better. Let me tell you something about bunnies: they poop. A lot. And chew. They chew everything. Oh, and they live forever! Had I had my degree in psychology already, I would have understood that I was transferring my desire for a  ”good object” (read: a boyfriend) onto a furry animal of the wrong sex and expecting too much out of her. In time, Ms. Cleo and I came to love each other very much, and frequently hung out on my bed watching television and eating celery and pellets. However, I must stress that rabbits—and all animals, while we’re at it—are a big commitment; you really need to decide whether you’re ready to have all of your cables/clothes/bed frames chewed and pooped upon before you decide that you can adopt one. I remember (before my stint at In Defense of Animals, of course) how horrified I was to read that a tradition of the Hilton family—the Paris Hiltons—was to buy up a whole bunch of rabbits and chicks on Easter, and then give them away after the holiday was over and their cuteness had worn off (Source: Paris Hilton’s wonderful Confessions of an Heiress, which I totally own!). I also thought that this must be a very isolated thing and that most people don’t treat animals this way. Au contraire, mon frère: people are fucking ridiculous.

First, STOP GIVING ANIMALS AS PRESENTS!!! Remember the stuff I wrote before about Rabbits being a huge commitment? Yeah, that doesn’t change just because it’s their year! This seems pretty obvious to me, but in China rabbits are multiplying like crazy and wreaking havoc. Here’s what happens: Someone gets a rabbit for the New Year, they get all excited, buy a cage, and think “awesome! Now I have a friend!” Then the rabbit chews up everything and sometimes scratch. In the case of one woman, the rabbit, while adorable, chewed through every cable in the house and ate her resume to boot! Not such an awesome gift anymore, right? You know, especially since she didn’t even ask for or think of taking care of a rabbit. And you know what else? If you don’t have them fixed, rabbits will breed, leaving you with a whole bunch of offspring to deal with. Of course, some people step up to the task, but others are giving up very quickly ensuring that shelters and rabbit rescues are overflowing with rabbits whose only crime was being an animal on the Chinese Zodiac. And being criminally adorable, but that’s another story.

Second, STOP SENDING ANIMALS IN THE MAIL! Again, this is something I thought would be both common knowledge and common sense. For example, “Man, I need to return these awesome Bones DVDs to Netflix and this copy of “Band Hero” to Gamefly. OH SHIT! I forgot that I have to get John’s dog back to him tomorrow when he gets back from vacation. Hmmm, maybe I should just box and mail him as well. That way, John and the dog both arrive tomorrow and I can watch some more television instead of taking care of responsibilities—nah, too dangerous!” Don’t you wish everyone thought like that? Me too! Except people don’t! They send puppies priority mail in airless boxes with the added bonus of no food and/or water! Why? No idea! Perhaps the woman who did this thought it might be cheaper or easier to send a puppy this way. She actually went back for a refund of her money after being charged with animal cruelty! I cannot believe she did not know that mailing puppies is not the preferred way to get animals to their destination. She’s now trying to get the dog back, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon—or at all, if everyone involved is lucky.

God, seriously, let’s look at something happy for a second before my mind explodes into a giant volcano of rage and sadness. What have you got fur us today, internets? OH MY GOD, a cross-eyed opossum, you say? That can’t be! and yet! And here’s the story of Heidi the cross-eyed opossum’s rise to fame.

All better! send me links for next week and have a safe Wednesday out there!

[photo of Nuage and Bells the buns by Potentially Nervous; photo of Heidi by Sebastian Willnow/AP via the Guardian]


Merry Christmas from Maria of Vegan Squared! This is her stollen, for which she candied the orange peel herself! Stollen is a particular specialty of Dresden, Germany, where there’s an annual celebration of the pastry called Stollenfest. They’re not all as pretty as Maria’s.

Merry Christmas from Maria of Vegan Squared! This is her stollen, for which she candied the orange peel herself! Stollen is a particular specialty of Dresden, Germany, where there’s an annual celebration of the pastry called Stollenfest. They’re not all as pretty as Maria’s.


Breaking: Paul the octopus dies at two and a half years old  »

It’s a sad day. Paul, the famous World Cup-match-predicting octopus, died in his sleep last night. He was two and a half years old, which is kind of old for a common octopus (seriously, that’s what they call his type of octopus, so “rags to riches”); their life expectancy in the wild is one to two years. But poor Paul died never knowing freedom! Well Paul, hopefully now you are swimming free in that big ocean in the sky, totally hooking up with chicks and watching digital cable. Meave, kick some German:
Gute Nacht, lieber Kraken. Du fehlst uns alle.

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