THIS SUNDAY: Free Vegan Sandwiches at Pop’s! Again!  »

FREE vegan PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS at Pop’s (2800 24th St. between Bryant and York Streets) from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 10! Homemade seitan and a homemade cashew-based cheese sauce will be entering your gullets this Sunday GRATIS. God is good. Since the first free vegan sandwich day at Pop’s was so popular, they promise even more sandwiches this time! More food = MORE GOOD TIMES! See you there on Sunday so we can open up our mouths and feed it.

[Not actual Pop’s Philly cheesesteak; this one is from Govinda’s in Philly (SO GOOD), but you’ll be eating something just like it and yours will be FREE YOU ARE WELCOME!]

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