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Hey you guys! Did you know: Lisa Jervis, who founded Bitch Magazine, wrote a vegan cookbook. It is called Cook Food and it sounds pretty great. Honestly though I can’t imagine Lisa Jervis not doing something great, but that is more a testament to her knowledge and skills than any feelings of hero-worship.

Tonight from 7 to 8:30 at Modern Times (888 Valencia at 20th Streets), Lisa Jervis will give a reading from her cookbook, as well as a demonstration of how to make a corn, tomato and basil salad. Fancy!

In case you’re not convinced you should go (and you’re a fool if you’re not convinced), I will give you a few more reasons why Lisa Jervis is super:
1. She went to Oberlin, just like your own Maria!
2. She gave an interview recently during which she was asked, “How she could reconcile being a feminist and having a book that encourages women to get back in the kitchen,” her reaction to which the interviewer describes as “facile.” Because, really.
3. Bitch is really a fantastic magazine, and she created it!
4. The recipes are all about tasty ingredients, prepared simply and deliciously.

Now, remember: Cook Food, Modern Times, 7 to 8:30 p.m., and tell us all about it in the comments afterward, please!

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