SF SPCA says, please don’t bring your dogs to Occupy camps!  »

At least, not in the Bay Area. The SF SPCA has confirmed three cases of parvovirus in dogs that were part of the OccupySF camp, all of whom are now being treated.

Parvo doesn’t fuck around! It is highly contagious and when left untreated will almost definitely kill your dog. Not everyone has vaccinated their animal pal, and if your dog hasn’t finished the series of shots that comprise the parvo vaccine treatment, don’t bring it around other dogs, OK?

Further, writes friend of Vegansaurus Krista of the SF SPCA, during the organization’s free veterinary clinic at OccupySF on Monday, “workers noted several dogs with signs of kennel cough. Symptoms of this highly contagious disease include dry ‘honking’ cough, nasal discharge, and general malaise that may progress to pneumonia.” They also noticed “several dogs with symptoms of Giardia.” NOT GOOD.

While dogs don’t suffer from the same week-long multi-symptom illness cycles that we humans do, they are still susceptible to communicable diseases, and the risk of contracting such diseases increases significantly when they’re sharing space with lots of strangers.

Of course we want to be with our dogs every minute of every day, but right now, Occupy camps are not the places to hang out with your best canine friends. Can you afford a pet-sitter? Or maybe you can take breaks from Occupying to walk and spend quality time with your dog, away from potential disease breeding grounds. The 99 percent does not have money for giant vet bills! And we love our dogs too much to risk their health.

[Thanks to Krista at the SF SPCA for sending us this announcement! Read the full text here. Photo of Occupy LA dogs by Jessica Gottlieb via Flickr]

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