Ready to get your winter solstice festival gift-buying done? Get everyone you know a 2012 calendar from the Missouri House Rabbit Society! June has a rabbit eating a carrot cake! September has buns ‘n’ shoes! August has two big fluffy lops with guitars! But who cares about the props; all we really want are BUNNY PICTURES OMG.
The calendars cost one for $15, two for $25, etc., which includes shipping. Order here! Order now! Let’s fund some buns!

Ready to get your winter solstice festival gift-buying done? Get everyone you know a 2012 calendar from the Missouri House Rabbit Society! June has a rabbit eating a carrot cake! September has buns ‘n’ shoes! August has two big fluffy lops with guitars! But who cares about the props; all we really want are BUNNY PICTURES OMG.

The calendars cost one for $15, two for $25, etc., which includes shipping. Order here! Order now! Let’s fund some buns!


The Vegansaurus store on Ethical Ocean!  »

We have our own storefront on Ethical Ocean now
! We picked out a bunch of cute vegan things to show you! And if you click the link above to Ethical Ocean (or our forthcoming banner), we get a percentage of anything you buy. We will use the money to do Vegansaurus-y things! OH AND there’s a special Meatless Monday Unicorn cartoon on our storefront, brand new! He’s such a wisenheimer. 

I’m pretty excited about this. Ethical Ocean is really cool. They don’t just have vegan things; you can also search for things that are environmentally friendly or sweatshop-free—or all three! I will prob buy my holiday presents from them. It’s nice to buy people stuff that also makes you feel good because the company is all conscious and whatnot. Happy shopping!


Guest post: personalized Valentine’s videos from Animal Aid Unlimited!   »

The coolest gift since the mix tape was invented: a personalized video dedicated to your loved one, featuring an adorable rescued animal, from a totally rad animal rights organization. Customizing your gift is easy: just tell them your loved one’s name, and pick the animal you want to sponsor—you even get to pick the song that will play in the background. Then, after a donation of just $100, plus the time it takes to produce the video, a link to your personalized clip appears in your email inbox, ready to share with that special someone. It’s the best gift ever!!

Animal Aid Unlimited is a great organization, located in Udaipur, India, that I was lucky enough to visit while on a trip with VegVoyages (best tour company ever!). The work they do reaches a ridiculous amount of animals, thanks to their unique situation: In India, animals are allowed to roam freely in the streets, so Animal Aid can take in sick and injured animals, give them life-saving medical care, and if they are fit enough to survive on the streets, release them back to the same place they were taken from. Those who are unlikely to survive on their own are given permanent homes at the sanctuary. This policy allows them to treat tens of thousands of animals without the problem of overcrowding faced by American shelters, and no-kill shelters in particular.

The other unique thing about Animal Aid unlimited is that they are able to provide a high level of medical care to the animals at an incredibly low cost. Some examples of this are: • $6,800 a year to pay for a full time Veterinarian • $1,100 a year for a Veterinary nurse • $100 pays for rabies inoculations for 160 animals These two factors combine to bring Animal Aid’s supporters some great bang for their donation buck: not only is Animal Aid in a position to help more animals than would be possible elsewhere, but it costs less to help each animal than it would at home. With every dollar helping so much, you can rest assured that your donation will be going to a good cause.

If you want your video by Feb, 14, you should get your orders in sooner rather than later, because these people are animal rescuers, not magical elves who can make videos overnight. I already put in my order for my hubby’s V-day video, and you should too! It’s a better gift than the one he wanted (a manometer—I mean WTF!?—totally not romantic), and we both get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping save some cute critters. What’s better than that? If you can’t get it by Valentine’s Day, just let your significant other/person-you’re-bumpin’-uglies-with that you made the donation. Then, when the video arrives, you show it to them and get laid twice for the price of one! You’re welcome.

Marie Dadap is a fat vegan extraordinaire whose life won’t be complete until someone makes a vegan brie. You can reach her at marie [at] dadap [dot] net. This is her second post for us, you can see the first one (DONUTS) here (DONUTS).


Valentine’s Day chocolates for that special vegan!  »

Hey beautiful people! Valentine’s Day looms over us with its promises of loneliness and emotional torture! JK, unlike Miss Lonelyhearts over here, you probably have a special someone to share the day with, hmmm? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a sexy someone, hmmm? What better way to say, “I want to tap that!” or, “I still like tapping that!” than with a nice box of vegan Valentine’s chocolates?! Let the round-up begin!

Chocolatier Sjaak’s brings us this totally adorbs limited-edition box of vegan truffles for Valentine’s Day! I WANT IT, if only for the box. You have plenty of time to order a box for your sweetie before February 14, so get on that! If you have no sweetie, order the truffles anyway and eat them while watching whatever Lifetime movie marathon I’m sure will descend upon us come the big day. You can buy them from Sjaak’s or they have them at ye old Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe too. I WANT THEM BUY THEM FOR ME.

From Chocolate Decadence, we have this voluptuous double heart chocolate box of chocolates! A CHOCOLATE box filled with CHOCOLATES! What can’t science do? Don’t worry, they also have a “world’s best lover” chocolate bar.

Now we take it old school with this red velvet box from Sweet Earth Chocolates. Take note that they have regular chocolate and vegan chocolate so make sure you select the right option during purchase. I love an nice velvet box of chocolates. So kitsch!

I’ve got two Etsy chocolatiers for you; above is the Jumbo Love Bar from Sweet V Confections. Below, a gift box of assorted vegan chocolates from No Whey Candies. Looking good!

Lastly, I can’t explain this amazing picture but tell me a tuxedo box of chocolates doesn’t rule! Thanks, Rose City Chocolates! Also, get a new camera. But for real, check out that carnation! This box dominates. Oh, oh, and it’s velvet too! Once again, thanks Science!

OK, modern lovers! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Save the songbirds: reuse your wrapping paper!  »

I ran across this post on about songbirds and the paper industry. Apparently, “logging of the boreal forest in Canada and Siberia is happening at a lightning-quick pace that is proving too speedy for many that live there.” What can you do? Buy recycled paper! has a similar story and tells us this issue is especially relevant during the holiday season: “Americans throw away up to 25 percent more garbage (5 million tons more than the average daily amount of 3.5 pounds of garbage we usually throw away) between Thanksgiving and the New Year.” Yowza! That’s a lot of wrapping paper! And most of it isn’t even recyclable so it has to end up in the trash (unless you recycle it yourselfget crafty!).

There are many companies that sell recycled wrapping paper but the easiest way to save trees (and birds in those trees) is not to buy wrapping paper at all. I generally wrap presents in old newspapers during the year but my mom keeps us rich in Christmas wrapping paper so I usually wrap all my presents with that. Not next year! Actually, my brother and his wife did the whole newspaper-wrapping this year. They decorated the paper with cut outs from magazines (mine had puppies and female action heros, my dad’s had naked chicks)—they were fun! And more importantly, recycled. 

[image from]


Vegansaurus Last-Minute (totally selfless!) Holiday Gift-O-Rama!  »

It’s down to the wire, folks. If you’re anything like me, you’ve left your holiday stuff to the last minute (though, to be fair, you had the best of intentions and meant to get started in September), and now you’re faced with the seven-day holiday insanity challenge. Well, friends, I am here to help. Here it is, the Vegansaurus Last-Minute Holiday Gift-O-Rama!

1. Signed cookbooks! Famous vegan cookbook author and all-around great person, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, is selling off signed copies of all her cookbooks! The best part? 100 percent of the proceeds are going to Out to Pasture sanctuary in Oregon. Time is of the essence on this one so order quickly if you want it in time for Christmas! Shipping included, prices are $28 for Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar; $32 for Vegan Brunch; and $42 for Veganomicon.

To get your signed book, send a paypal to and include the book(s) that you would like. If it’s a gift, remember to include the recipient’s address! And please let them know who Isa should sign it to.

Perennial favorite Farm Sanctuary is offering holiday gift adoptions again this year! Sponsorship/adoptions range from $10 per month for a rabbit or chicken up to $50 per month for a cow, which pays for all that animal’s needs throughout the year. With your adoption, you’ll receive your adopted buddy’s photo and biography, and best of all, a VIP tour to meet them! 

3. For the salty dog in all of us, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is offering gift memberships for the holidays. You pay $25 or more in your recipient’s name, and they get a certificate acknowledging the donation, a copy of the Sea Shepherd Log, and a sticker with the Sea Shepherd logo (which is, if I may say so, badass). Your membership dollars go toward helping the Sea Shepherd keep saving those whales! There are also options for making recurring donations as well as Sea Shepherd shirts, bags, water bottles, and other goodies on the site if that’s more your thing. However you give them money, it’s going to a good cause, so spend away!

4. If you’re planning on plying someone with vegan cheese (or vegan shoes! or vegan acne medication! what! asshole!) over the holidays, why not order from Vegan Essentials and save 10 percent on any order (including sale items!) with coupon code “holiday10”? OR orders shipping within the continental USA (sorry Hawaii and Alaska! You always get screwed! Oh and every other country, sucks to be you! USA! USA!), you can get a free upgrade from UPS Ground to UPS 2nd Day Air on orders over $50 (total cost excluding shipping). Make sure to choose UPS ground as your shipping option when you check out and you’ll be upgraded at no extra charge. Both offers expire at midnight on Dec. 19 (that’s tomorrow!) SO GET ON IT. If you’re looking for more delicious vegan treats, VegNews* has a store up and running that includes some damn cute holiday cards & VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS (plus lots more awesome stuff!). Also, giving a subscription (available in tree-free form too for all you people who care about the Environment GOD) to the magazine is only $20 and spreads the vegan love all year long! Finally, Herbivore put out a gorgeous coffee table book of their art. It’s a super classy present.

5. Finally finally, just about every animal rescue takes a beating around the holidays. Whether it’s a farm animal sanctuary that experiences an influx of turkeys or a cat rescue that overflows with discarded holiday kittens, all animal charities accept donations and are grateful as hell for the help. Is that curmudgeonly aunt of yours a secret rabbit person? Donate to Save A Bunny in her name! Bam! Done! Have a friend who loves cats but can’t reasonably take in another one? Donate to Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue, and they’ll do the taking in for her. Oh, and there’s always the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine,* The Humane Society, Rocket Dog Rescue,* Grey2K USA, Animal Place, Compassion Over Killing, Mercy For Animals, Animal Acres, Home At Last, and many, many others. All you need is a credit card or paypal account, and your holiday shopping is just minutes away from being done.

Happy holidays!

*Members of Vegansaurus are presently employed by/volunteer for these organizations.


Triple X-mas Sale at Food Fight Grocery!  »

Ladies and gentlemen, Portland vegan grocery Food Fight is offering a special online coupon: XXXMAS09
Enter that code at checkout through December 25th (Jesus’ Bday!) and you’ll receive 5 percent off your order of $30 or more.

I have a special place in my heart for Food Fight. I ordered a ton of shit from there when I was just a fledgling vegan. Yes, I had them ship stuff all the way to Philadelphia. I didn’t know what else to eat! That’s why I liked Food Fight; I didn’t have to do any “reading” or “thinking” about whether or not what I was buying was vegan because everything they sell is vegan. And they were so super-nice in their order correspondence!


Vegan Shirt Sale!   »

Check it: Herbivore Clothing Company is having a sale! All t-shirts are only $20 for all of today and tomorrow, so GET SOME. Herbivore is an awesome all-vegan company that donates a shit-ton of money to animal charities and is owned/run by some super duper cool people. Today is definitely the day to get that Fur Is Fucked shirt you’ve been eyeing, and what’s more, the crazy folks at Herbivore will even throw in a bunch of extra goodies like greeting cards and stickers! They’re like the Billy Mayeses of veganism, and you cannot say no!

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