Ginger hatred spreads to rest of animal kingdom, confuses me  »

Why all the ginger hate? Growing up, I had crushes on the ruddy-haired boys in my grade. I used to dream of being a redhead myself, even going so far as to dye my hair red in high school (bad choice) and again in college (even redder, even worse choice). Thus I cannot understand why even seals cannot tolerate this hue: A pod shunned its own pup because he was born with reddish-brown fur and blue eyes. Look at those peepers! And they can’t see you because he’s mostly blind! Poor guy’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one! Anyway, he was adopted by a human much nicer than those jerkface seals who spawned him. It’s unlikely he’ll have as much success being reintegrated with his family as the featherless penguin, but at least he’ll have someone who loves him! And a Twitter account, which *ahem* is following moi. Seriously, though, what’s up with ginger hate? Anyone?? [Photo credit: Caters News Agency]


Lord knows I hate a pear. Not as much as I hate grapes in their un-juiced forms, but I really, really hate pears. They’re so mealy and cloyingly sweet, and if they’re not crunching raw, they’re bruised to mush. Ugh.

But it’s pear season, and they’re all over the place, so what do you do when they appear (zing), as they inevitably do, in your kitchen? You can make pear preserves, like the adorable and earnest Patti Moreno the Garden Girl teaches you how to make here in this video. To veganize the recipe, replace the honey with agave or simple syrup, and voilĂ . It seems an easy way to make something tasty out of all those icky fruits weighing down your CSA boxes and grocery bags.

Really, jars are the solution to any item of produce you otherwise hate: pickle the vegetables, preserve the fruits. Then if nothing else you can make sandwiches and bloody marys.

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