GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Spencer’s will contact winner! Vegansaurus Giveaway: Box of Lara Bars (your flavor choice!) + $20 gift card from Spencer’s Market!  »

There’s a new vegan deals site in town and it’s called Spencer’s Market. It’s completely vegan, and here’s what they have to say for themselves:

We’re a new online eCommerce and Marketing platform focused on connecting our Vegan audience with the best gourmet/artisan Vegan food producers in the country. We are in the business of creating buzz and giving exposure to incredible food for Vegans (as well as gluten-free, low glycemic, etc) who feel limited by the choices they have at their local retail markets. 

Right on, we’re in! We can always use more ways to get vegan food into our gullets, and you know that’s right. Plus, it’s all at a discount! For example, one of their pre-launch deals is on tons of Primal Strips for hella cheap! Sometimes the thought of eating a delicious Texas BBQ Primal Strip is the only reason I get out of bed in the morning before I get right back into bed. Spencer’s Market has heard my cry for help and they’ve answered, valiantly/deliciously.

For a chance to win a box of delicious Lara Bars (I think they’re for women but if you’re a guy, don’t worry, you’ll just grow breasts! Sexy!) plus a $20 credit to the market (FREE MONEY$), just do the following things:

1) sign up for the deals and:

2) leave a comment letting us know what vegan treats you’d like to see deals on. Let’s tell Spencer’s Market what we want so they can hopefully give it to us! SEXY ACTIVISM. 

Spencer’s will randomly choose the winner on Wed., December 14, and will email you. DONE AND DONE! Good luck!!


Win tickets to Vida Vegan Con! Today only!  »

At noon PST TODAY, the lovely ladies at the Cosmopolitan Hour are starting a contest to give away one ticket to Vida Vegan Con, this weekend’s vegan blogging conference in Portland that’s been sold out since before you were born! 

The contest will only run until midnight PST TODAY so get on their Facebook page their website and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Because if you do, you could be making out with me and Meave ALL WEEKEND LONG. GROSS HOT. Also, if you’re already going to the con (what we awesome people call it), let us know so we can all say hi and hold hands and run in circles and fall down in fields of poppies and get high as fuck and eat many brownies. MAGIC.


Vegansaurus giveaway: Harmony Valley deliciousness! ALSO IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!  »

Why do we love free shit so much? Who knows, it’s in our stupid human DNA. Free is good and free veggie burgers are BETTER! If I know one thing to be true, it is that. Now where’s Oprah? She’s got to hear this, for real.

Harmony Valley makes damn fine burger, sausage, and hummus in a bag and you want to eat it all. Seriously, I first tried this stuff at Expo West and was blown away. And by blown away, I mean I returned to the sample counter throughout the day in various forms of disguise. I was the following characters: Myself; myself with a fake mustache; myself with a fake beard; myself in a hat; a young Goldie Hawn (no costume necessary); and myself as a young child (this one required REAL MAGIC/a pair of knee pads). The point is, this stuff is good and you want it. FOR FREE

For a chance to win the burger, sausage, and BRAND NEW hummus mix, tell me what song you’d most like to sing to me (seductively? eh?) on my birthday. Alternately, your favorite flavor of birthday cake. THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION BECAUSE TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. I was born! You’re welcome! 

ALSO: Triple Bonus Mega Prize in addition to this giveaway and me being born: They’ve got a contest going on over at Harmony Valley right now for awesome awesome awesome prizes! Go enter!


Eat Pastry is giving away a totally cute apron!   »

This isn’t a Vegansaurus giveaway but I know you guys like free stuff! Vegan cookie dough company Eat Pastry (who we LOOOOOVE) is giving away the sweet apron you see above! I love it because we really shouldn’t eat animals and we really should eat pastry! Here’s how to win:

Our aprons have been so well received that we’ve decided to do a giveaway! Send us a pic of your craziest, most creative way you eat our cookie dough (either alone, or incorporated into another dessert). We’ll take a vote on our favorite, and that person wins an EatPastry Not Animals apron! Get to it!

I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting any of the Eat Pastry doughs basically because the world isn’t fair and I can never find any.* But I love cookie dough and vegan cookie dough rules because we won’t die of salmonella! Can I get a witness?! I’m also a fan of EatPastry because do they not have the best graphic design ever? I believe they do! Also, who’s this blond chick in the photo? That’s a damn fine braid.

*However, Laura and Meave have and they’re obsessed.


CONTEST CLOSED Vegansaurus Giveaway: Lightlife gift basket!  »

We are rolling in it lately! We be giving away mad vegan goodies left and right. This time, Lightlife generously donated this super-fly gift basket! Check it out: you get a bamboo cutting board with a chopper, a bamboo serving set, several cooking spices, and coupons for the free (!!!) Lightlife products of your choice! Imagine you with your bamboo serving set—you’re all grown up! Big kid style!

To win: comment on this post with your favorite way to eat your favorite vegan Lightlife product! Not all their products are vegan (maybe one day they will be if we are all super sweet and encouraging!) but I just want to hear about you favorite vegan stuff. My favorite is the Smart Links breakfast sausages and I love to eat them with applesauce! I’m so serious. Not like mixed together but at the same time. Shut up, it’s the best! You’re turn!

We’ll pick a winner next Thursday! Go!


CONTEST CLOSED Vegansaurus Giveaway: The Happy Herbivore cookbook!  »

When the cookbook giveaways rain, they POUR! We were lucky enough to get our hot little hands on a copy of Happy Herbivore's brand-new intuitively named cookbook, The Happy Herbivore! How very exciting! Filled with simple, tasty, and ultra-healthy recipes like chana palak masala, tamale pie, and her famous black bean brownies (believe the hype!), this book is delicious. The beauty of these recipes is that they’re by and large very simple, but also tasty and not gonna kill you with Earth Balance and fry. Although that would be a wonderful way to go LADIES, AM I RIGHT?

So, as I was saying, the talented Lindsay Nixon (aka, Ms. Happy Herbivore) delighted us with a free copy (FREEBIES!!) and we’re passing this gem onto one of you awesome, awesome, sexy people.

For a chance to win
, let me know what your spirit animal is. I choose this question because Lindsay has that cute little elephant logo and I love him/her. You can say anything but a tigerelephantrhinobunnypitbullandallkindsofdinosaurs, because that’s what I am. I will choose my second-favorite animal and that person shall be rewarded with some free shit (the cookbook, pay attention!). We’ll end this b early next week, I guess.



Vegansaurus Giveaway: The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions! Haley is the winner with “kim chee”!  »

Those geniuses Joni Marie Newman and Celine Steen are at it again! They’ve written a new cookbook, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions: Veganize It! Foolproof Methods for Transforming Any Dish into a Delicious New Vegan Favorite, and it’s a goodie. Packed with recipes from Beer-Battered Corn Dogs (HELLO!) to Frozen Pot de Crème (HELLO!), this cookbook is outta control. They also have tips for replacing any animal ingredient in pretty much any recipe you could dream up. It’s not only a cookbook, it’s a real resource. Plus, it’s hella cute, easy to follow along, and Joni and Celine are so much fun to read. It’s a keeper.

If you want to win a copy (and you do! because you are a winner!), let me know a food that you like in the comments! Whatever is closest to a my favorite food (don’t try to get it out of me, it’s a SECRET! Just like everything surrounding food should be! Secrets! And lies! What!) will win. Or, you know, I’ll use We’ll run this until Tuesday, Feb. 8. May the best vegan win! Yes, this giveaway includes a judgement on your character!


GIVEAWAY OVER! Davey won! Woo! Vegansaurus Giveaway: 5 Free Sundaes or Shakes at Maggie Mudd!  »

So, the deal is, we hella bought too many of these groupons. And now we have WAAAAAY too many of these coupons that get you 5 free shakes or sundaes at Maggie Mudd (delicious!) and no time to use them all. This expires February 28th, 2011 so you’re gonna have to get to eating fast. Which you might want to do anyway because Maggie Mudd is hella for sale (BUY IT!!) and so WHO KNOWS WHAT TOMORROW WILL BRING!?

For a chance to win FIVE of those bad boys, let us know your ideal weight. The bigger the better, folks. This ain’t Weight Watchers*. Winner chosen AT RANDOM WITH SPECIAL FAVOR GIVEN TO BIGGER NUMBERS. J/k, we use so whatever. This will end on Friday, January 21st, because you need to be using these coupons STAT!

*That said, if it were, the people at Weight Watchers would be FUUUUUCKED. And probably a whole lot happier.


Free We Can’t Say It’s Cheese for Californians, today only!  »

That’s right, homies! I saw this on Wayfare’s twitter today—get on it! Send your mailing address to and apparently they will send you free We Can’t Say It’s Cheese! Color me jealous!

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