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Global warming is fucking with the fish, and the fish-catching economy is finally catching on. From All Things Considered:

The new study in Nature shows these anecdotes aren’t simply a fluke. Data from fish catches from around the world show it’s happening everywhere the ocean is warming—which is just about everywhere.

So they’re seeing swordfish in Denmark, Mexico-based Humboldt squid in British Columbia, and Atlantic mackerel in Iceland. I wonder what it’ll be like when we’ve made the oceans so hot fish can’t live there anymore. What’ll become of the pescatarians?

"This is suddenly a wake-up call," [Mark Payne at the National Institute for Aquatic Resources in Denmark] says. “It’s a strong suggestion that climate change is here. It’s real, and it’s really starting to affect what we catch and, therefore, what we eat.”

Bye, environment! Nice polluting you!

[Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel photo by Klaus Stiefel via Flickr]


Top 10 links of the week: a hopscotch game through the playground of veganism!  »

Your cute pet video of the week! I just love how intense the kitty is. Like, so intense.

File under things that are actually a big deal—Livestock, antibiotics and superbugs: IT’S ALL TRUE! Original story in NPR but Grist has a great discussion of it. has a message for you: not all vegans are white! I really never got this stereotype, maybe because I’m from Philadelphia and the first vegans I ever knew were Black Panthers. Of course, it makes sense if there are more white vegans in the US than other ethnicities because there are more white people in the US than other ethnicities. Bonus: the piece features Vegan Mainstream’s mom!

 New Yorkers, take the A/C to Nostrand Avenue and get ready for an affordable fake meat extravaganza! One of Vegansaurus’ very favorite sites, Broke-Ass Stuart, is here to guide you through this reasonably-priced TVP adventure!

You’ve probably heard, but in case you haven’t, Mary Kay and some other brands have started animal testing again. Good idea? People are more aware of the cruelty-free label then ever. I hope this tanks them.

From Scientific America, a dingo named Sterling used a table to steal name tags. He’s at some kind of “Centre” that I don’t know about but still, animals are supre cool.

From Treehugger: Global warming could give rise to miniature animals. I am trying SO HARD not to be excited. I’m not, I swear.

A New York Times blog writes about Blossom’s new bakery in Manhattan!

National Geographic presents the “Rhino Wars” in pictures. Pretty sad stuff. Poor rhinos.

Fit Sugar has the lowdown on the top vegan protein sources. It’s a very short list. But I like to see us in the mainstream!

Vanity Fair has an interview with one of my faves, Brigitte Bardot! She gets into her love and activism for animals. 

“I am not playing political games,” she says. “I don’t care. I don’t bother with that. I belong to no party and I am militant for no one. All of my causes, including the most radical, are motivated by the defense of animals.” 

I love you, BB!


Live from the pool: it’s your hot and bothered link-o-rama!  »

Events for your vegan weekend!
This is Genie the pigeon, recently adopted from Mickaboo Bird Rescue! Help out Mickaboo this weekend by stopping by the Rummage Sale for the Birds on Sunday, August 1 at the Market Street Co-op (1884 Market St., at Laguna and Guerrero) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’ll be clothes, books, furniture, unclassifiable treasures, and if nothing pleases you, Mickaboo welcomes straight-up donations. Every cent benefits birds like young Genie here.

Of course, you had better go to the SF Vegan Bakesale tomorrow (Saturday! July 31!) in front of Mission Bicycle (766 Valencia St., between 18th and 19th Streets) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., or we’ll have no money for the good people behind Rocket Dog Rescue and the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco! And then needy puppies and people will be homeless and probably die and do you want that on your conscience? So come on over and help out, already.

Would you like to be a vegan model? No, not just being pretty and eating celery, you guys. Really, walking in an all-vegan fashion show, as part of the 2010 Vegan Expo on Oct. 2 in Albany, N.Y. Check out the details and maybe see about entering! There are no size requirements AND you could end up wearing Vegansaurus favorite Vaute Couture!

Vegan-style news items
SFoodie visited two new city farmers markets this week—one at Cow Palace, and one at Mint Plaza. They sounded nice? Not very busy, but you know, new markets, and did anyone hear about them? Did any Vegansaurus readers go? Let us know if you do! Otherwise you’re just going to have to keep reading about them on other sites because after nine months of taking it twice daily almost every day, I am never taking it again. That bus is as anarchic as the 33 after dark, but it’s twice as long and picks up more passengers with face tattoos. [SFoodie]

Overfishing is killing our oceans! Phytoplankton are vanishing from the seas at an increasingly, terrifyingly rapid rate! You know, phytoplankton, “the basis of the entire marine food chain,” the wee algae which “produce around half of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere”? You guys we are all going to die, do not reproduce. [Scocca, New Yorker, Edible SF]

This week in Fucked Up Things Humans Are Doing to Animals, meet Enviropig™! Enviropig™ has been genetically engineered by the University of Guelph to produce an extra digestive enzyme that allows Enviropig™ to digest “plant phosphorus more efficiently” than standard pig. Further, Enviropig™ requires less food and produces less waste than standard pig! You may also be interested in pigs which have had “the fat-1 gene from C. elegans" "inserted…into" them, which converts omega-6 fats into omega-3 fats inside the pig. No? Well, Europe sure is! Europe, it turns out, is crazy for Animals With Whom People Have Been Genetically Fucking Around. [Shut Up, Foodies!, NY Times]

The State Fair is such wholesome fun! Except when a pregnant cow “rampages”/”stampede[s]” through the fairgrounds while exhibitors are setting up—then the police have to shoot to kill. []

OK this is much better cow-related news: Catalonia just yesterday became the very first region (officially “autonomous community”) of Spain to completely ban bullfighting! The Spanish prime minister seems a bit miffed, and Placido Domingo is being a complete ass about it, but you know the Canary Islands banned in in 1991 and they technically “belong” to Spain, so this wasn’t even the first Spanish territory or whatever to put an end to the nastiest legally sanctioned “sport” since, what, bear-baiting? Or I guess cock-fighting is still legal in some countries. Someday. And then we’ll come for you, greyhound racing, and if our children’s children aren’t burned to death in the no-atmosphere, horse racing. OH YES. [CAS, AFP]

Have you ever had an ant invasion? How did you deal with it? What about a serious ant infestation? Tom Junod writes about a horrifying ant infestation his family endured, and as an admitted ant-freer and E.O. Wilson idolizer, I thoroughly enjoyed it. [Esquire]

Our Laura wanted to include this inspirational list of the Top 10 Things [Sherold Barr] Wish[es She] Knew Before [She] Was 30, and because I love our Laura, here it is. Some of us apparently are not afraid to expose our secret inner-hippie. Bravo for bravery, yes? Yes. [Crazy Sexy Life]

This is more the Megan Rascal beat, but it’s so hot, let’s give a girl a break: in New Hampshire, a black bear broke into a home, ate some fruit, and before running away at the sound of the garage door opening, “grabbed a stuffed bear.” OMG YOU GUYS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. It means simultaneously tearing up and smiling, is what it means. Bear! [Daily Intel]


Overfishing, under-(cover)inspecting, producing better produce plates, arguing about Alice Waters and MORE in today’s link-o-rama!  »

Dolfapedia says, “They’re gonna make the dog ride the zip line because they need the coverage on Vegansaurus.” Doubt it! But if this happens someone better let us know so we can let you know and we can amass a zip line protest group ASAP. It’ll be the funnest protest ever (we will take over the zip line).

Fun-times vegan-style events!
The SF Green Festival is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday Apr. 10 and 11! And Alice Walker is speaking on Sunday at 4 p.m. Get your guide here.

The LGBT Army of Compassion will hold a peaceful demonstration against animal cruelty on Sunday, Apr. 28 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Northeast corner of the Heart of the City Farmers Market at U.N. Plaza. Click here for further information.

Items of social and political import!
Kinship Circle has volunteers helping animal victims of the Chilean earthquake and could really use your donations.

Whoops, another environment overfished to the point of near-destruction! There’s a ban on fishing in the Sea of Galilee and no one can play “Jesus and Disciples” anymore.

Oceanic nightmares: photos from a Japanese whaling expedition. I am not going to look at them because I will cry, but have at them, you all with your stronger constitutions.

FDA inspections of food manufacturing plants are few, far-between, and essentially useless. Color me fucking shocked.

But big businesses are using their big dollars to fight for the closure of legal aid clinics, including that of the University of Maryland, which filed a lawsuit against Perdue in March, “the first effort in the state to hold a poultry company accountable for the environmental impact of its chicken suppliers.”

HSUS held its own undercover investigation of four factory farms owned by “two of the nation’s largest egg producers,” with undeniably horrifying results.

Aren’t these paper puppets adorable? They’re by artist Furze Chan and you can buy them at Little Paper Planes.

Madhur Jaffrey, author of the lovely World Vegetarian, says that the SF Bay Area has the best food in the world, particularly in the spring. I am not going to argue with you, ma’am.

This year’s first “positive side effect of global warming” is the super-low price of California and Florida strawberries. Fresh strawberries are SO GOOD, you guys, and remember, buy local and organic whenever possible because berry pesticides are nasty.

Six of the “seven essentials” of Alice Waters’ kitchen are applicable to vegans AND omnivores—imagine! We are of course not counting the business about getting children to help you, which is silly if you do not already have children in the kitchen. But did you know that everyone hates Alice Waters forever? She is the devil in a blue organic cotton apron.

We have an appreciate/desire-to-punch-in-the-face relationship with Slow Food Nation—roasting a piglet for two days is saving the planet how?—but declaring 2010 the "Year of the Heirloom Apple" and providing consumers with a fancy informational booklet all about that fruit earns them a mark in the “appreciate” column.

Another study shows that unless you are participating in a lot of activities that make you more likely to get cancer, eating produce won’t make you less likely to get cancer. Kind of. It’s complicated, which probably means the science is real.

Europe is tired of cupcakes! Hi, All of Europe, you probably just haven’t enjoyed enough vegan cupcakes, because duh they are the best and everyone loves them forever. Who wants to move to a Nordic country, open a vegan bakery, and eventually find nice citizens to marry? Totally awesome social services for life, plus near gender/class equality! I speak two European languages and am NOT AT ALL JOKING about this.

More Social Kitchen news: They have a brewer’s permit, and have scheduled a “soft opening” for Tuesday, Apr. 20. Plus: the menu will be split into thirds for omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. Party in the Sunset!

Jonathan Kauffman loooooooves Gracias Madre, he just loooooooves it. “Oh Gracias Madre, mi amor,” he says, “te amo, te amo mucho.” Or something like that anyway.

Maoz Vegetarian finally opened in Berkeley, hooray! Man that picture is making me really hungry.

Ezra Klein is mad as heck, and he is most likely not going to eat it anymore! What “it” is this? The ubiquitous, irritating, boring-ass grilled vegetable plate that totally doesn’t count as a “vegetarian entree,” gosh darn it. And Julian Sanchez totally concurs.

Here is a serious reason not to smoke, like, ever, as in not even when you’re drinking or stressed or sad or hanging out with other smokers or watching a lot of Mad Men, really for real never: the filters are made with pig’s blood.

Someone on Chowhound needs advice on vegetarian wedding menus. Anyone around here have any experience?

Wired explores foods/food-like substances/food-creation methods that are “changing the way we eat,” including pseudo-meat and aerosol pancake batter.

The Kitchn gives us 10 ideas for vegan breakfast, none of which includes aerosol pancakes.

What does “biodynamic” mean in relation to growing wine grapes? How does it compare to organic growing conventions? If you ever wondered when reading a wine list, this article may answer some of your questions. Maybe.

Regardless, I would rather drink a million bottles of mediocre, confusing, goddess-blessed biodynamic wine than one meat-infused cocktail, because BARF to the MAX. Why, god, why.

Philly Represents, by Megan Rascal.


Obama’s State of the Union preview—for vegans!  »

Tonight President Obama will address the nation with his first State of the Union address. There are two things I’m hoping to hear, and if he says them, vegans will have cause to celebrate.

The first thing: a renewed, post-Copenhagen commitment to fix global warming. This means Obama will need to urge the Senate to pass a clean energy bill. The Senate is now the world’s most dysfunctional legislative body, and lately it’s become a graveyard for good ideas, a modern day House of Lords, where ancient gray-haired idiots dither around as island nations drown, forests disappear, and more species go extinct. Seriously, the Senate sucks. (By which I mean, nice senators, yes you are all very important and wise, now pretty please pass a climate bill?) If they don’t pass a bill to reduce global warming pollution, then that gives other big polluters like China an excuse to do nothing. Obama needs to go there. It’s better for the economy, better for the planet, and better for the animals.

Now here’s the second thing: progressives have been furious over a proposed “spending freeze” that the White House leaked on Monday. It was a bad idea when John McCain proposed a freeze, so why is Obama all about it now?

Here’s a reason why this may actually be a good thing. First of all, it’s less of a freeze, and more like a slushy. Rather than taking a hatchet to the budget, Obama will propose increases in spending on areas that boost the economy, while proposing cuts to areas that waste money. The idea he’s pitching is to hold average spending steady starting in 2011 and call it a “freeze” to make your conservative uncle in Ohio swoon.

So why should we care? Because farm subsidies could end up on the chopping block, and that would be a very good thing. Less money to grow corn that no one needs, less money for slaughterhouses, less clearcutting, less money for megafarm corporations. We’ve already taken farm subsidies to task here in the hallowed halls of Vegansaurus, so if Obama cuts them in his future budgets, then I will kiss him on the mouth. It would be a significant victory for sanity in our food system.

We don’t know the details yet, obviously, which is why this is called a preview and not a psychic prediction. Disappointment is still very much on the menu because, it’s politics. And even if he goes there, lobbyists might still win anyway. So tune in and keep score at home, or find a SotU drinking game and pass out in the bathroom.

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