People’s Grocery goes solar!  »

You knew West Oakland’s People’s Grocery was awesome,* but now it’s getting even awesomer: As of today, Jan. 23, the joint will run on solar power. And not just any solar-power, but uber-progressive, crowd-funded solar power from Solar Mosaic.

If you want, you can pretend like you’re a reporter and sneak into the media event they’re having today — at People’s Grocery, 909 Seventh St. in Oakland, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. — for the installation. Or you could just actually be helpful: Go fund some solar projects at Solar Mosaic (you basically give a small, zero-interest loan on behalf of solar power); buy some stuff from People’s Grocery (supposedly they’ve even got a grocery store coming later this year!), or find an organization in your area doing rad stuff. 

I’m off to feel bad about myself now, since I haven’t done anything to help the world today beside make sure there’s one less Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage around to terrorize our nation’s youth.

*You did know that right? If not, don’t admit it, you’ll look seriously out of the loop. It’s basically a pioneering social-justice org focused on access to healthy food.

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