Celebrate fake meats for the Meatout!  »

In honor of today’s Meatout, NPR’s The Salt blog got all excited over the rise in vegan meat analogues. According to the Global New Products Database, “110 new meat substitute products were introduced in 2010 and 2011,” and in 2011, sales of frozen meat substitutes hit $267 million.

I know not everyone loves the fake meats, but they’re so tasty. Do you know how many omnivores I’ve turned into Golden Era superfans? SO MANY, is the answer. So many superfans.

What are your favorite supermarket fake meats? I love Gardein’s chipotle lime crispy fingers, and basically every “mock” animal they sell at Asian groceries. (Also Soy Curls, but those don’t count here.) And I don’t think you can beat a sandwich with peppered Tofurky, spicy mustard, pickles, and lettuce. Though Janet Hudson’s Oklahoma sandwich does look insanely good.

[photo by our beloved Janet Hudson of Vegan Feast Catering, via Flickr]


The Vegansaurus Diet: Scrumptious S!  »

Welcome to the first edition of the Vegansaurus Diet, featuring reader Scrumptious S! This was inspired by New York Magazine’s Diet series! Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

I eat the kind of diet that makes people’s jaws drop open in disbelief, right before they say, “But what can you eat?” I can’t eat wheat/gluten and I don’t eat animal products. As long as I’m cooking for myself there’s a whole universe of food for me, but heaven forbid I should want to sit in a cafe for more than a few hours, because if hunger strikes when I am out in the world and I don’t want to spend a ton of money, I’m basically screwed.

I subscribe to Capay Farm’s Farm Fresh to You CSA and I write a blog about my CSA adventures (I’ve tried out three different CSAs so far), so a lot of my meals are built around what comes in my CSA box.

Friday, June 4
I’m on this huge breakfast burrito kick, which is basically saving my life because for a while I just could not figure out vegan, gluten-free (GF) breakfast. I use La Tortilla Factory GF teff wraps, and I brown them in a cast-iron pan so they’re all crispy outside like Cancun burritos. Today my burrito had refried beans, a scoop of leftover rice bowl made with black rice and dandelion greens, salsa, half an avocado, and a little Daiya cheddar, which I’m not sure yet if I like or not.

For dinner tonight I had leftover sweet potato and black bean enchiladas with roasted green chile sauce, recipe courtesy of one of the most fantastic GF, mostly vegan blogs ever, Gluten-Free Goddess. I make them with a little stripe of soy cream cheese down the center of each enchilada, and they are incredible.

Saturday, June 5
Breakfast was soft polenta made in the rice cooker, my favorite no-stress, lazy-ass way to make polenta. I added half a mashed avocado, salt, pepper, and a big squeeze of lemon juice. I’ve been eating a ton of avocados lately. I think I’m going to cry when avocado season ends.

Leftovers for lunch. In an attempt to streamline my cooking process, which can sometimes take hours for a single multi-course weeknight meal, I’ve been trying out a new cookbook from the library this week, Vegan Express by Nava Atlas. So lunch was her aloo ghobi with cauliflower and Klamath Pearl potatoes, both from my CSA, and creamy chickpea curry (the creamy is from coconut milk) from another blog I like, Beyond Rice and Tofu. There wasn’t much left of the leftovers, so I also noshed on a chai Bumble Bar to fill in the gaps.

Sunday, June 6
Dinner was another Vegan Express recipe, pasta carbonara with tempeh bacon and baby broccoli from my CSA box. I used Tinkyada brown rice pasta, which is so delicious I actually like it better than wheat pasta. And I made salad, red leaf CSA lettuce with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Monday, June 7
Leftover pasta carbonara for breakfast. I love leftovers for breakfast. Unfortunately these leftovers put me into a carb coma (I don’t eat pasta very often), so I had to take a nap. A nap! After breakfast!

Amy’s Rice Bowl (brown rice, broccoli, and black-eyed peas) for dinner, topped with a ton of homemade kimchee. I love Amy’s; vegan, gluten-free, under $5 (way under, with a Rainbow coupon), and healthy-tasting. Awesome! The only drawback is I don’t have a microwave so it takes nearly an hour in the toaster oven.

Tuesday, June 8
I tried another new Vegan Express recipe for lunch, with many modifications. I ended up with a delicious concoction of quinoa, bok choy from my CSA, edamame, toasted cashews, and mandarin oranges.

Won the lottery for rush tickets to Wicked tonight! We tried to go to Golden Era for dinner, but of course they’re closed on Tuesday. (I actually knew that, I just didn’t know today was Tuesday. Go, me!) So we went to Pakwan instead and split saag aloo and baingan bharta. Rice for me, naan for the boy.

Thursday, June 10
I had a hectic morning so I threw an Amy’s in the toaster oven, this time Mattar Tofu with peas and dal and rice and stuff. I always sprinkle a bunch of mustard seeds on top of the Indian Amy’s because I’m total a mustard seed-addict.

Tuesday’s quinoa-and-bok-choy concoction is like one of those neverending cornucopias in fairy tales, constantly refilling itself with a new supply. I attempted to make a dent by having a hearty portion for dinner along with more of my beet greens and tofu from earlier. I also made more fudge brownies, but did my best to give them all away because I’m not really eating sugar right now. I do love to bake, though, so I try to surround myself with people who love sweets and then stuff them full of homemade treats for my own pleasure. It makes me feel a little like the witch in “Hansel and Gretel,” but I prefer to think I’m spreading joy. Who doesn’t love brownies?

Would you like to be featured on Vegansaurus? Of course you would! So submit your Vegansaurus Diet already!


We’re all doomed, but at least we can eat vegan food. Hey, it’s the link-o-rama!  »

You haven’t forgotten about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, have you? Neither have we! Because it’s still wreaking fucking havoc and ruining everything and will you look at this poor pelican? Look at this pelican and tell me there’s good left in the world. But “at least we’ve got the oil spill to take our mind off the economy, right?” [photo by Charlie Riedel/AP; from "Caught in the Oil" in the Boston Globe]

Events! Or more precisely, event!
What are you doing this weekend? Maybe catch a baseball game at PETA’s “second-best veg-friendly major ballpark,” yes, home of y/our San Francisco Giants. Or you could check out the third annual Indie Mart at Thee Parkside? It’s on Sunday from noon to 6 p.m., entry is a mere $3, and Wonder Dog Rescue will be there! THEY HAVE PUPPIES!!

Serious news means serious business
Who hates horses and indigenous people? Australia hates horses and indigenous people! Seriously, the Australian government, instead of helping with humane population control efforts or doing anything sensible or kind or caring at all, is going to round up all the horses, kill them, and butcher them for tasty snacks. Not even kidding. Sign the petition against this insanity, please.

It’s about damn time: the Vermont attorney general finally issued animal-cruelty charges against two men in the Bushway Packing horror show. Remember that? From November? Too bad the penalties are so fucking tiny. UGH THE LAW IS SO FUCKED.

Pike Place Fish Market is quickly moving toward stocking exclusively sustainable dead fish. I know, but it’s not going anywhere, so it might as well be less ruinous of the planet. Hawaii has outlawed shark-finning, and if the article is accurate (read: not racist), shark fin soup was fairly popular in the state, so this might be a bigger deal than, say, California making it illegal. Dolphins, being demonstrable geniuses with whom we are all dying to communicate on a deeper level, are getting an iPad dolphin-to-human interface.

Moby’s New York Diet is, duh, vegan, and sounds pretty good. Seitan and grilled pineapple tacos, YES PLEASE. How about you delightful Vegansaurus readers? What would your Vegansaurus Diet look like? Record a week’s worth of meals, plus some interesting notes, and YOU COULD BE PUBLISHED ON VEGANSAURUS! All your dreams come true! Because eating interesting food is a weird competition/attention thing anyway, which we want to foster! Plus “our” Grub Street did, like, two San Francisco Diets and quit, and that is boring. BORING. So are you in? Come play!

Everyone gotten their no-duh inoculations? OK then: Paul Reidinger of SFoodie got such a shock at Golden Era this week: it’s really pretty inside, and the food is super-delicious. Good job recognizing the obvious, Paul! Oh and the new chefs at Ubuntu have actually not ruined everything—nope, still making tasty food (fava bean tempura WHAT?) out of fruit and vegetables, people are still paying too much attention to the fucking cheese—sounds like Ubuntu to us.

Want to see some baby eagles? Check out the EagleCam from Duke Farms in Hillsborough, N.J.! Seriously I am watching two 10-week-old eaglets stretch their wings right now and it is pretty amazing.

What would I rather do than go anywhere near this "steak smell"-emitting billboard? I suggest everyone in its immediate vicinity take up the niqab. Bonus: you’d anger a lot of crazy Christians, and Christopher Hitchens!

Did you know that your Vegansaurus also hates fat-hate? Everyone is great, everyone’s body is great, and we believe that the most important diet choices are made empathetically, meaning: NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. So this study that found that “between the ages of 25 and 70 there is little different in the health of normal compared with overweight people”—we love this study. Oh, what’s that, study? You “also examined the relationship between body mass index and illness and found those defined as obese, with a BMI of 30 or above, had no more health problems than those who were a ‘healthy’ weight if they were under 40”? We should shut the fuck up about THIS GENERATION OF CHILDREN WILL DIE BEFORE THEIR PARENTS BECAUSE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT and focus more on THIS GENERATION OF CHILDREN WON’T HAVE ANY EARTH TO INHERIT BECAUSE ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, maybe? The vegans are in.


SF Vegan Drinks are tomorrow!  »

SF Vegan Drinks is tomorrow (Aug. 27th), from 6 to 8 p.m. at Martuni’s! Yes! AND they’ll be selling raffle tickets for $1 each. The prize is a gift certificate to a delicious SF veg restaurant (this month it’s Golden Era! CARAMELIZED CHICKEN I WILL EAT YOU) and the proceeds go to charity; both the restaurant and charity will vary monthly. The charity this month is San Francisco Vegetarian Society! See you there, party people! Ow!


Supreme Master merchandise!  »

Laura has spoken before about wanting a Loving Hut apron, as worn by the waitstaff (or at least the ladies on the team), and through some odd path of links, I found myself at Supreme Master’s official merchandise site this morning.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, she does not sell those adorable aprons. She does, however, make shopping bags, mugs, coasters, travel utensil sets, baseball caps, and “animal neck pillows” adorned with the Loving Hut logo.

You can also purchase a polka dot fedora for your dog.

If you haven’t already checked out her wikipedia page, it is a pretty good read, especially the story about the island she had illegally built out of rocks in the Biscayne Bay in Florida six years ago. She also had a 30-foot boardwalk built connecting the island to the property she owned in Florida, under the name “Celestia De Lamour.” Oh, those crazy vegans.


Review: Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant  »

Golden Era is the original Supreme Master Ching Hai enterprise restaurant in San Francisco. Nearly every item on the menu is vegan; the mock meats are the delicious, mysterious kinds made of fungus and gluten and some such; and the menu is longer than a tabloid. That said, I will try to be brief.

Lettuce wraps = ¡muy delicioso!
House rice clay pot = ¡muy delicioso!
Wonton soup = ¡muy delicioso!
Red bean vegan milkshake = ¡muy, muy delicioso!
Flan = eh.
Mocha cake = ¡muy delicioso!

If eating here required membership in the cult of Supreme Master, I would not have much trouble renouncing whatever vestiges of Christianity* I yet vaguely retain.

I love this place. I love the waitstaff, how they leave you alone for a very long time and never insist you have rice when you don’t want it. I love the patrons for eating here instead of a terrible meaty restaurant of death. I love Supreme Master’s plan to save the world from global warming through veganism. If only they delivered.

Tip: If you have leftovers from different dishes, cook them up together in a pan the next day and make your own Golden Era at home!

*except for Christmas. Who doesn’t love a virgin birth? Also presents, and drinking whisky all day.

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