More good news: Anne arrives at new home, U.K. may ban live animals in circuses!  »

Here’s a picture of Anne from the Daily Mail being greeted at her new home at Longleat Safari Park! She has a six-acre enclosure there, which is a far cry from the miles and miles wild elephants usually roam, but her arthritis tells me maybe that’s OK.

I am still so impressed by how quickly the people in the U.K. reacted to Anne’s terrible situation, and how quickly she was moved to a brand new home. Amazing. What’s more, it looks like Britain will ban live animals in circuses (dead ones, I presume, are totally OK). The ban hasn’t happened yet but Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman is “minded” to pass the ban. The public shock of Anne’s treatment is the catalyst: “The tragic plight of Anne once again mobilised the people. From protesting on the streets, to lobbying MPs, the past week has been filled with cries for a ban.” AWESOME! I’m so jealous! Maybe we can just get the Brits over here and they can care about all the captive animals in the United States.


Victory for puppy mill protestors in California!  »

A bit of good news for a change! Best Friends Animal Society had a victory against a mall and their evil, puppy-selling pet shop Barkworks. Los Angeles County Superior Court previously ruled that protestors could be relegated to a far-off corner of the mall and couldn’t protest around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the California Court of Appeal was like, WTF? That’s BS! The protestors are exercising free speech! Except they said it more like this: “In general, the right of free speech in California entitles a person or group to protest a business in a shopping mall within aural and visual range of that business with no blackout days.” This rules!

This doesn’t just rule for animals though! As Best Friends’ attorney explains, ‘[it’s] a victory for every protester targeting any store in any mall throughout California, as the same rules apply throughout the state.” As someone who’s been illegally arrested for protesting (the death penalty—see, I have other interests), I’m like, hell yeah! Let’s go protest something! I can’t decide which store at the mall to protest first but I’m thinking of protesting Cinnabon. They aren’t vegan, and that makes me mad. They always make me smell their stupid buns that I can’t eat! They are infringing on my right to free-smell. This aggression will not stand!

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