Good news!: Unilever stops animal testing for tea!  »

Peta has been fighting against Unilever and their cruel animals tests for Lipton tea and PG Tips for many years and finally, Unilever has promised to end testing animals for tea effective immediately! Huzzah! This is super good news considering Lipton is "the best-selling branded tea in the world."

From Unilever’s site:

Unilever remains committed to its ambition of eliminating animal testing by investing in alternative methods.

Where legal or regulatory requirements call for testing on animals to demonstrate the safety of Unilever’s tea-based beverages or ingredients, Unilever seeks to minimise the testing required and the number of animals involved, and the testing is provided by third parties.

Unilever has made a substantial investment in new non-animal approaches to research and testing including, since 2004, an annual investment of €3m on non-animal approaches for assuring consumer safety. Our research has made good progress in developing new approaches and we work continually with international research and policy groups to share our experience.

Yay for good news! Of course, according to Peta, Unilever has many other companies that do test on animals, and don’t miss the magic words “the testing is provided by third parties,” but this is progress. The tests they were doing for Lipton were all about like eating a ton of sugar and fat and seeing if tea helps you not die. First of all, it’s pretty easy to find some people who already eat a ton of fat and sugar and test the tea on them; second, torturing animals so that we humans can sit around eating poison and not die is ridiculous. Eff that!


Elephant freed from Indian temple to live at enormous zoological park!  »

This time I have some good news from Peta; Peta India and local activists finally convinced the temple where Mariappan, the elephant, had been chained for nine years to send the him to Arignar Anna Zoological Park. Yay! The park sounds kind of cool: It’s nearly 1,500 acres, with a 228-acre “rescue and rehabilitation center,” which makes it not only India’s biggest zoological garden, but one of the biggest in the world.

They do have elephant rides, which is SHITTY but way better than being chained by all four legs in a dingy room for nine years. Lots of things are better than that.

Elephants are my favorite animal and this is super great! Happy day!

[Picture of Mariappan free from his chains and getting a fresh bath outside before he travels to Arignar Anna from]


Mountain gorilla population increases! Maybe we aren’t going to hell!  »

Dead animals got you down? How about some good news! The population of mountain gorillas in eastern Africa has increased by 26 percent since 2003! Damn, gorillas! Get your freak on!

A census conducted by the International Gorilla Conservation Programme in collaboration with several other organizations reports that there are now 480 mountain gorillas in the Virunga Massif region of eastern Africa. That means there are 100 more gorillas alive today than in 2003, for a total of 786 mountain gorillas in the world!

All right, I’m depressed again. I didn’t realize that “critically endangered species” meant there were so few mountain gorillas! Less than 1,000? Jeez. And critically endangered is some serious shit. But let’s not get too depressed! They still managed to hugely increase their population in a remarkably short time. Threats to the mountain gorilla include poaching, habitat loss and even war. Head over to the World Wildlife Fund gorilla help page to see what you can do.

You know guys, mountain gorillas are herbivores, save for a bug here and there. And mountain gorillas are stronger than any old meat-eating human! If our close genetic relatives the gorillas can subsist on a plant-based diet, maybe it’s not so “natural” that people eat meat? I know bonobos are our closest relatives and they eat some animals but a mountain gorilla could totally destroy a bonobo! Why? Because vegans dominate!

[photo by mrflip]


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