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This is Petunia, Farm Sanctuary’s “newest valentine.” Are you dying yet? She was donated to a veterinary teaching hospital because, as the runt of her litter, she was too small and needy, AND needed an operation, and from there she was rescued by Farm Sanctuary, given her operation, and is living as happy a life as a tiny piglet could live. CHARMING.

Now onto some less-adorable news: I’m leaving you guys. I’ve accepted a position as an assistant English-language teacher in (the Republic of) Georgia, and I leave this weekend. Vegansaurus will carry on normally—I know you will all miss my grumpy posts about contaminated-food recalls and stupid Peta ads very, very much—and once I’ve established a routine, I’ll be back!

Vegansaurus feels like my baby, and being away from it might actually be harder than being away from the whole country. I will miss you! I will also miss the beautiful and amazing Bay Area and its myriad options for vegans, but I’m sure there are vegan secrets of the Caucasus to discover and share.

Look, here’s another photo of Petunia to cheer you up.
She’s all cuddled up with her stuffed raccoon! Cutest ever! Now dry those tears, and know I’ll be back to posting as soon as I possibly can. And of course, if you have any Georgia-related advice or recommendations, send them on over!

I love you guys. Don’t get into too much trouble while I’m gone.

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