The May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is BONKERS  »


Vegan Cuts kept saying their May Beauty Box was going to be special, but dang, that shiz was BANANAS! It was mostly full-size stuff instead of samples AND totally things I’m so excited about! Because I really just like samples in general so I’m happy for whatever samples I ever get, but this has stuff that I’m ALWAYS looking for vegan versions of—like a eyelash strengthening mascara! YES PLEASE! I have bitty lashes but I thought eyelash serum things wouldn’t be vegan. 

So I’m very excited about the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques lash-strengthening mascara. I also firmly believe in finishing powder so I love the big ol’ jar of Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder. And I’m super excited for the Sevi texturize spray because I like a good wave. There was also a giant tube of SkinAgain Youth lotion, which is great because my mom says I’m destined to have spotty British skin like her and my grandma and I’m like, KILL THAT NOISE, OLD LADY!

Yeah, in conclusion: BONKERS!

ALSO, did you see they came out with a vegan dog lovers box?! I WANT!!!

I got this for free but if you want to try it, the box subscription is $19.99 a month, shipping included (for US addresses. International is more). 

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