Wouldn’t it be cool if some vegans got married at the Grammys last night? Hey wait, these two did!  »


Are you crying yet? Christine (left) kissing her new wife, Patricia. Lady in the foreground wearing fur, is clearly unaware of how uncool that is. (Photo from Getty Images) 

For those of you who didn’t watch the Grammys last night, SPOILER ALERT: there was a pretty epic, mass marriage ceremony officiated by Queen Latifah during Macklemoore’s, “Same Love.”  It’s no shocker that I cried through it; In fact, I cried while I wrote this article. As Eve Ensler says, “I’m an emotional creature!!”

What’s this got to do with vegans, you ask? GREAT question! 

While perusing Grammy pics on Instagram, I stumbled across a picture of Christine and Patricia Garcia. Not only did this beautiful couple get married in the Grammy wedding, they are also vegan! I used my best lurking skills and asked them for an interview. They happily agreed! So I spoke with the couple and got all the details for you:

Christine’s sister Stacey is friends with the casting director of the show, so she is responsible for their incredible opportunity (sister of the year award!!). Apparently, despite them asking about it ahead of time, there was NOTHING vegan on the buffet between the rehearsal and the actual show (WTH, Hollywood!?), so someone brought them avo/cucumber rolls from Katsuya. Sweet! And thankfully, there were some tasty vegan options at the after party! Woot! 

Christine and Patricia have been together for almost 6 years, and went vegan 2 1/2 years ago (it’s like the old saying goes, “the couple who goes vegan together, gets married by rap legends on the Grammys” *). A talk by Hilda Gonzalez Burdugo and reading Skinny Bitch prompted their decision. Patricia went first and it only took Christine one day to follow suit. They didn’t know any other vegans, so they figured things out on their own before connecting with the community. Now they’re active members of Expand Animal Rights Now, where they foster animals, do outreach to middle schoolers in low-income areas, and are helping to develop vegan recipes designed to feed a family of four for $20 or less. In addition to all this, Patricia is in remission for cancer, something they walked through together. These two women are awesome in so many ways!!! 

They haven’t planned a honeymoon yet, but I made sure to suggest staying at the Wynn in Las Vegas (someone please take me there, and pay for room service!). 

Major congratulations to you, Christine and Patricia!!!! May your marriage be filled with many a vegan cupcake and animal rights protests! 

If you missed their interview on Access Hollywood this morning, you can watch it here, or catch them on The Insider tonight! 


#samelove Photo by Maxi Vasquez. 

*You guys, I made that up. But maybe it’ll start a new trend? 

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