Grizzlies make a comeback! Go bears!  »

Christ, you guys: BEARS. You know I’m on bears like white on the Republican Party, so let me advise you of some bodacious bear news in between bouts of holiday anxiety: A court has reversed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service‚Äôs 2007 decision to remove grizzly bears from the endangered species list.

I have two dominant feelings about this news: 1. SAY WHAT, USFWS? Just because grizzlies got it on sufficiently and maybe got killed less to surpass your recovery goal of 500 bears in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in the past 30 years doesn’t mean that you can ignore climate change’s affect on the bear population’s health, as conservationists and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (successfully) argued. 2. HOORAY! The three judges of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals took into account the decline in the population of whitebark pines, whose nuts are a major source of food for grizzlies to increase their fat reserves before hibernation. Bears love deez nuts! I bet they make a mean pesto with ‘em!

[Photo by Barbara Miers via Flickr]

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