YO! Laura here! I’m travelling to Moscow, Athens, & Crete. Know of any veg eats???  »

Hello, friend! It’s Laura! I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that imma be out of the country for a couple weeks and the other Vegansaurs got your back and the site will be better than ever in my absence. I also thought maybe these fine (as in good looking) readers of ours might have some tips for me?

Have you been to Moscow, Athens (and day trip from Athens suggestions!), Santorini, Hydra, or Crete? And if so, what did you do/see/EAT (of particular interest)? Any travel tips or anything useful you wish you’d known before you went to those places. Let me tell you, getting that Russian visa was NO JOKE. I chronicled some of my issues here but HOO BOY—that Russian consulate is a TRIP! I can say this because I know some Russian people and we’re cool and also I’m totally racist, but GOD LOVE A RUSSIAN WOMAN. I dealt with at least three who looked exactly like Danny Devito, just with all different colors of dyed hair. You have not lived until you’ve been yelled at by a yellow-haired Danny Devito, a red-headed Danny Devito, and an orange-headed Danny Devito, all in the same day. ANYWAY, I’ve got my visa so I’m legit to enter the country (I PRAY) and now I need to know what to do! HELP! One lovely reader has already hooked me up with some info but I’m always looking for MORE!

And if you must know—the reason for the trip is some good friends are getting married in Crete and my shit hasn’t been anywhere in five years and you’re all driving me crazy and MOMS HAVE LIVES, TOO. We’re flying through Moscow because those were by far the cheapest tickets and who doesn’t want to see the Cosmonaut Museum? Plus, I plan to bring blue jeans and pens and be greeted like savior! I am a little worried about flying on Aeroflot since they don’t have the BEST history of not crashing in fiery flames but KNOCK ON WOOD.

From the many reviews for the airline I’ve read in attempt to make myself even more freaked out about flying them, I learned three things: 1. There might be chickens just wandering the aisles on my flight; 2. There will definitely be lots of cigarette-smoking on my flight (didn’t even know you could still do this!); 3. I will definitely be yelled at by a flight attendant at least once and maybe be made to sit in a seat that’s basically in the lavatory. Also, check out their uniforms! Hammer and sickle!

And with that, leave your tips below or please email me! Oh and I’ll try to tweet a bunch so you can follow me on twitter if you wanna get the 411 on who is pissing me off while on VACATION ALL I EVER WANTED: 2011.


Sometimes we have slow weeks; for those weeks, there are AMAZING and INFORMATIVE link-o-ramas!  »

The “cutest plague ever” of teeny tiny frogs, which carpeted a highway in Northern Greece on Wednesday for two hours. [link from Princess Sparkle Pony]

Sunday, May 30 is a National Day of Mourning for Animals in Laboratories. In San Francisco, the vigil will be held from noon to 2 p.m. at UCSF.

Presidio Habitats opened last week and they look so neat! You should go check them out multiple times during the year they’re up—maybe you’ll see actual animals using them! The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill, on the other hand, need lots of help—there are more of them than ever, and Mickaboo Bird Rescue is totally overwhelmed.

Chicken farmers testified last week in an antitrust hearing held by the USDA and the Justice Department. Haitian farmers are super-pissed at Monsanto for donating their evil hybrid seeds as some kind of helpful gesture—seriously that third paragraph is enough to make you sick. Meanwhile, subsidizing legal fishing plus tons of illegal fishing is "plundering" the oceans.

Have you read about Mercy For Animals’ investigation of Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio? It’s unbelievably horrific—JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL. Are you people done drinking milk YET?

Wildcare would like the California state Assembly to make laws that protect our oceans from a BP-in-the-Gulf-style disaster—here is a petition to get that message across.

Mixed messages from the media aren’t surprising, right? The Chronicle says a vegan diet is acceptable (this week), despite totally ignoring us in its restaurants-and-food-news repository, Inside Scoop (no link because BOO); SFWeekly likes Pepple’s Donuts more than Whole Foods’ “Posh” knock-offs; and Martha Stewart had a recipe for strawberry gazpacho that sounded really amazing and is totally vegan though of course no one said anything because that word is only for theme days.

Look, our beloved Erykah Badu with our beloved pigeons. Isn’t this lovely? So peaceful and lovely. [photo via LondonFinestStyleFile]

Did you want to know how Cheetos are made? Ha ha YES it is fucking gross! A man was literally sucked into a sausage-seasoning machine in Massachusetts on Sunday. He didn’t die, so that’s good.

West Hollywood banned “sales of dogs and cats in retail stores.” South Lake Tahoe, Calif., and Albuquerque, N.M., also prohibit sales of companion animals. Pretty great, right? Because ANIMALS AREN’T INANIMATE OBJECTS! FOR FUCK’S SAKE. This year, the American Kennel Club will acccept mixed-breed dogs in the Agility, Rally, and Obedience competitions, for the first time in the club’s existence. And one day, dog-breeding for “beauty” or whatever-the-fuck will be seen as base, vile, and speciesist, and people will giggle at our earnestly angry essays about how fucking gross the whole idea of dog breeds was. Sorry guys I’m in a weird mood today.

Neal Harden used to be the chef of Pure Food and Wine! But now he is setting up a restaurant in Bali! I recommend subscribing to his quite interesting blog through a reader, as the font on the layout is fucking impossible to read.

This is the way I feel Lost should have ended: vegan feasts. Because, duh.

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