Green Festival in SF this weekend!  »

A lot of you are probably planning on attending because you’re a bunch of g-d liberal hippies. All the info you need is here, but basically, it’s all day Friday (that’s TODAY!), Saturday, and Sunday. It’s at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center and it’s $15 per day but there are various deals for bike riders and seniors (go on, people on wheels!).

There are definitely some great exhibitors like PCRM, VegNews (also a partner! go vegans!), Compassionate Cooks, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and more. There are also some lame exhibitors but I won’t go in to details because I’m not feeling particularly mean today but let’s just say the happy-meat-eating Prius crowd will be there IN FULL EFFECT. Guard your loins! I don’t know why I said that, just love the expression. Also, don’t procreate with those people. Also, I’ve noticed a bizarre amount of organic baby clothing for sale at these events. Probably has to do with the thing above.

Speakers include the usual hippies and visionaries and sometimes-crazy-people-with-a-point. Oh also, A QUEEN. Except not in the traditional sense but this is Green Fest, what’s traditional about it? Hey, guess what, I’m a Hobbit Wizard!

It’s pretty much a good time, LOTS of people giving stuff away, some good vegan food being sold, and good people watching. I’ll be there so if you see me, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. I’m hella crazy. Also, say hi! WHAT TO DO!?

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