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Now you know your friend Megan is a Philly girl. So of course I had to grace that town with my presence over the holidays. One thing I’m always sad about though is Philly pretzels. They ain’t vegan (UPDATE: or are they?!). I’m totally obsessed with Philly pretzels and pretty much ate one every day for lunch in high school. And don’t even get me started on late night pretzel-fests with my sis at the Pretzel factory on Washington. If you’ve never had a Philly pretzel, I feel bad for you. But like I said, I can’t eat them nowadays. But then I just thought I’d give it one more shot and googled “Philly pretzel vegan” and low and behold! Green Line Cafe appears!

Before we go any further, I have to break the news that while the yummy pretzels at Green Line are vegan, they aren’t Philly pretzels. They are like regular German pretzels or whatever.  But what I was even more excited to find was that Green Line is full of vegan options! There were scones and cupcakes and sandwiches (pictured) and…I think that was it but that’s a good amount! 


There are three Green Lines in West Philly but the OG on Baltimore ave. has the most vegan options. And it’s a really lovely place with the nicest people! If you get a chance to stop at the Powelton Village location, definitely do because that’s totally the neighborhood I grew up in! My fam still lives there. You can see where this little Rascal got her head start. 

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