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Here’s Dolores, my new kitty, giving her super roar to save tigers. Like our favorite kitty star Lil Bub, Dolores and me are so sad that there are only a few thousand wild tigers left. It’s terrible! That’s why Greenpeace has started this initiative with the help of all the cool internet cats like Bub, Cats Save Tigers.

And your cat can be a part of it too! Go to and you can make your own kitty meme and even donate. 

Learn more from Lil Bub herself:

Now go to the site and see how you can help!


A whistle blower in the tuna industry speaks out about the evil business to Greenpeace! There’s some really bloody stuff. Bleh. Nice underwater shots too though. The video discusses Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) and addresses the problem of bycatch and the over-fishing of baby fish. Poor baby fish. 

Why do people even eat tuna? It’s grody to the max! What does everyone think about Greenpeace? I’ve never looked into them that much. I mean, I’ve heard all kinds of stuff about them but haven’t done much research for myself.


Everything’s happening this weekend and we have proof in your link-o-rama!  »

It’s summer, let’s go camping! HA HA HA KIDDING. What I meant was, It’s summer, let’s spend time outside, and let’s bring our portable, pop-up bunny tents so our best pals can hang out with us! [photo via VagaValley]

Activities for vegans!
Vegan Happy Hour is tonight, Friday, June 11 from 6 to 9 at the Hemlock Tavern. It’s run by Vegansaur Jordan’s husband Mike (some of us are grownups, did you know?) and promises to be a good time. Remember, it’s also a potluck, so bring some tasty vegan food (maybe a recipe from Vegan Happy Hour blog?)!

This weekend—Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13—is Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon at 41 animal shelters in the Bay Area! Megan Rascal already gave you a preview, but there are so many more animals than MARSHMALLOW and his GIANT CHEEKS waiting for you to adopt them FOR FREE! That’s right, for the Adoptathon, the adoption fees will be waived at participating shelters! So go on, find your new best friend.

How about that East Bay? On Saturday, check out 23 HAM’s artist reception—from 6 to 11 p.m. at 903 Camelia St. in Berkeley—celebrating East Bay Open Studios! Black Orchid will sell vegan baked goods, there’ll be live performances, and it’s free. Come on, you love art.

Love dogs? Have $20? You’re going to Bikers for Barkers tomorrow, then, right? There’ll be prizes and snacks and drinks—everything vegan!!!—so you have no excuse for skipping it. Be at Dainese D-Store at 131 S. Van Ness Ave. at 12th Street from 6:30 to 10 p.m. on Saturday. They say no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

On Sunday from 9 to 11 a.m. the LGBT Army of Compassion will protest animal cruelty at the Heart of the City Farmers Market at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco. They’ll be in the northeast corner near the live-chicken vendors. Click here for more information.

Pajama-action items!
PETA asks you to (please) demand the end of mulesing in the Australian wool industry. The Humane Society would like you to tell President Obama that the U.S. does not support any nation slaughtering whales, at all, ever.

Photographs of some of the ingredients in your standard Twinkie, by Dwight Eschliman, from his book 37 or so Ingredients. Guess what this one is! Hint: it’s not naturally powdered. [photo via Good]

Multimedia for your persual!
Who’s saying the dumbest-ever shit about the Gulf oil spill? Presently, it’s Slow Food USA, which recommends helping “your food friends of the Gulf” by eating seafood from the Gulf. Alternatively, you could listen to Vegansaur Steve, whose response posts on euthanizing oiled birds this week provoked some debate on Treehugger.

In further bird-related news, last year’s Mercy For Animals investigation into a Maine egg farm resulted in a settlement requiring the violators to pay over $130,000, the “largest penalty in a farm animals abuse case in this country.” Farm Sanctuary reports that the birds rescued from the Cal-Cruz Hatchery in California last year are happy and healthy, so at least there’s that.

OK let’s get the depressing stuff out of the way in one go. First, Bullfighting: A Troubled History by Elisabeth Hardouin-Fougier was just released in English. Second, Spain, land of bullfighting, is also home to a meat vending machine. Third, pet stores are alive and well in San Francisco, but the city’s Animal Commission will hold a hearing on a ban-type proposal on Thursday, July 8. You should attend, if you have an opinion on institutions like puppy mills. You could also get this lovely "support low-cost spaying and neutering" license plate, if you lived in California and owned a vehicle.. Fourth, this article on "The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome" in the New York Times: have you cried from rage yet today?

Video: Greenpeace vs. French tuna fishermen. Greenpeace mean serious business on the open sea, you guys, way more than those Deadliest Catch jerks.

Adorable photos of kid helping with the White House garden harvest. More adorable photos of rescued kids at Farm Sanctuary.

Whole Foods markets in San Francisco are interested in selling foods from local street vendors. Have you got vegan edibles you’d like to see at WF? Email Harvinder Singh with your ideas. Though of course mind the story of Pepples Donuts.

People are wetting their pants over this new tastes-just-like-chicken vegan foodstuff, in joy and terror; what do you think about it?


What’s up with Obama lifting the ban on commercial whaling?  »

There hasn’t been enough in the news lately about marine life being killed by the excesses of civilization, so what the hell, let’s talk about whaling. Food Fight Grocery alerts us to a FOX News report (via UPI) that Obama is set to “break his campaign pledge to end the slaughter of whales” by negotiating a compromise to lift the ban on commercial whaling. The International Whaling Commission next meets on June 20, when they will take up the proposal for a vote.

FOX News is trying to score cheap political points, but for once, they’re not wrong on the facts. Environmental groups are angry, and there’s a lot to not like here. The International Fund for Animals, along with Greenpeace and HSUS, released an open letter [PDF] condemning the compromise and has been urging action to flood the White House with calls.

So what’s this all about, anyway? The compromise would allow Iceland, Japan and Norway, the three remaining nations that hunt whales, to hunt whales legally for commercial purposes. In exchange, the nations would have to cap whaling below their current numbers and agree to tighter monitoring and regulation, including new efforts to help with conservation of whales and other marine life.

Iceland, Japan and Norway are going to keep hunting whales no matter what, and the number of slaughtered whales has been rising every year. Reducing this number would count a win, and by bringing outlaws under the watchful eyes of regulators, the worst abuses can be stopped—at least, that’s the logic behind the compromise. Environmentalists and other detractors say that passing the compromise would legitimize whale hunting, and that the compromise offers no long-term target to end whaling entirely.

At stake may also be the very existence of the IWC. If members can’t agree on a compromise, all signs point to the collapse of the 63-year-old organization. That would mean no standards, no monitoring, and nowhere to report illegal whaling.

No matter where you stand or which evil you feel is the lesser one, it’s clear that consensus on whale hunting will never happen without reaching the people who demand whale meat (and maybe smacking them upside the head). We’ve already gone after New Zealand for supporting this compromise, and if it passes, we’ll be really unhappy. But if it doesn’t pass? For the whales, it might be even worse.



Vegan wining, spiritual dining, the names of milk, the miracle of elephants and MORE in today’s link-o-rama!  »

 Sweet Avenue presents: Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson cupcakes? Marilyn Manson I can live without, but I will take all the Gaga ones RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.

Have you entered our contest yet? You could WIN A SHIRT! Come on, son!

Vegan-style events for you!
Remember, the Women Entrepreneurs Showcase happens on Sunday in Berkeley, with a vegan catered lunch for only $4! Be at the David Brower Center at 2150 Allston Way from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.—lunch begins at noon.

The Recess Ends DVD release party is set for next Friday, May 7 at Medicine Agency, 1262 Mason St. at Jackson Street in San Francisco. The Recess Ends is a documentary about national unemployment—it sounds interesting, definitely worth a look. The screening starts at 8 p.m.

Miscellaneous items of varying importance!
Pajamactivism for the day: oppose the oil and gas leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf (via Defenders of Wildlife); ask Ahold to boycott Canadian seafood (via HSUS);’ Californians, contact members of the state Senate Appropriations Committee to express your opposition to SB 1345, which would legalize the importation and sale of kangaroo meat (via BAARN). “Pajamactivism”—y/n?

Aw you guys! CNN has the sweetest article about last weekend’s Worldwide Vegan Bakesale, with lots of photos of food you want to eat and people—and animals—you want to hug. San Francisco’s will happen next weekend, because of schedules, and whatever, you’ll get your desserts.

Baby activists: you could get scholarships for your awesome veg lifestyle! The Wall Street Journal finds it all a little silly—these children and their microloans, haven’t they money of their own?—but we say, go for it!

We’ve got all kinds of non-dairy milks made of all kinds of items, but we don’t have chickpea milk—yet. Israel does, though, and yes please we would like to try it.

The dairy industry, torturers of cows for profit (and fun?), would like the entire world to stop calling all non-animal milk “milk” and start calling it “imitation milk,” toute de suite. According to the National Milk Producers Federation, “soy milk” is a “bastardization of dairy terms.” Alternatively: "soy jism." Yes, someone outside of a creepy Western romance novel full of rape and cattle-roping still uses that word.

Attention pescatarians: you may now ease your consciences by purchasing your fish at Target and Wal-Mart, two of the top five purveyors of sustainable seafood as rated by Greenpeace. We are thrilled for you.

An Antioch, Calif. animal shelter killed two pit bulls this week, in apparent violation of the Hayden Act and despite the hard work of animal advocates. Life is so awesome, you guys.

"Foodies" are vegans, by which I mean, "white, affluent cultural snobs" and “elitists” who “romanticize poverty” and are basically terrible jerks who love eating.  Get it?

On that note: need vegan wine recommendations? The Chronicle has an article about making and pairing wine in a “meat two ways!” world.

Have you been reading Fed Up with Lunch blog? This week we got a guest blog about Meatless Mondays in the NYC public school system, and another from an organic farmer in Texas.

Let’s celebrate May Day with veal for a nickel! This doesn’t make me want to punch anyone in the stomach AT ALL. I’m also not at all irritated by the “Chicken wars” title of Michael Bauer’s little blog about all the delicious fried chicken choices in Southeast Kansas. “Chicken wars—whose tortured, murdered chicken has been prepared most tastily?” Man, fuck you guys.

OK, deep, cleansing breath: perhaps a visit to one of our fine city’s many cult-ish religion-run veg restaurants would help. Jackson West seemed to have a lovely time at all of them (I have been craving Golden Era for weeks, incidentally).

You can’t get Pizza Hut on military bases anymore, but you can get it in some prisons. Thanks, Aramark!

The down in your lovely soft comforter was most likely plucked from a living goose, which “constitutes torture.” Because you can only pluck a dead goose once, but you can pluck a living goose up to four times before you have to kill it! HA HA HA.

Letterman and his audience may find the idea of chicken activism high-larious, but after Ira Glass visited a rescued chicken farm, he went vegetarian. Fuck yeah Karen Davis!

The internet’s been all up in a bunch about discovering that chimpanzees grasp the concepts of “dying” and “death,” but I feel like Jane Goodall sort of already knew this 40 years ago? Regardless: if this leads to NEVER EXPERIMENTING ON THEM AGAIN, I’ll be happy; otherwise, science can shut the fuck up with its amazing animal discoveries and no heart.

You know what other animals are amazing? Elephants, duh! This week, an elephant in the Houston zoo made friends with a pit bull, which is apparently the only way a pit bull can be adopted in Houston, Texas. An elephant and dog in Tennessee are best friends, too, though that’s on an elephant sanctuary rather than a gross-out zoo. We also learned this week that elephants have a specific word meaning “let’s get out of here, there are bees around,” leading me to believe elephant language is rather like German.



Urgent: Help save the humpback whales!  »

Alternative title: The IWC sucks and I heart Mister Splashy Pants

According to my new favorite animal welfare group, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), this is an important week in the fight to end whaling. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida this week to discuss a proposal that would legalize commercial whaling. More specifically: Greenland wants to kill humpback whales! WTF Greenland?

While commercial whaling is currently illegal, WDCS says that together Japan, Norway and Iceland kill over 2,000 whales each year. I guess they just want to be able to do it legally. A-holes! Jeez, Iceland, I used to think you were cool. Now I think you’re a big jerk.

To read more about this new proposal and see how you can help, visit WDCS’s website.

To learn more about humpback whales, stay right here! I mean, go to the WDCS site and then come back here and share my love for humpback whales.

When I was about five years old, my family went to Alaska for some unknown reason. I have many fond memories of this trip—I mean it was the first time I saw Weird Science (hello hotel cable!)—but when asked about my trip, I would proudly declare, “I saw half a dozen humpback whales!” It’s a melodic sentence, isn’t it? It’s also true! We were often on a boat, and kept seeing humpback whales jumping out of the water. It was AWESOME.

Humpback whales are super-popular because they are crazy sea acrobats and the males sing really intense whale songs. And guess what else! Each humpback whale’s flukes (duh that means the lobes of its tail [thanks, Joel!]) is distinct. You know, like fingerprints and snowflakes! Because of this, people have been able to totally document individual whales for decades. There’s famous ones like Salt, pictured here, who WDCS calls the “grand dame of the whale world” because she’s been photographed so many times and has a bunch of kids. Mister Splashy Pants is another famous humpback, he got his name in an online voting contest run by Greenpeace. A real internet celebrity!

If they legalized whaling, who’s to say that Mister Splashy Pants and Salt wouldn’t be the next casualties?! If you want to help Mister Splashy Pants, or the Notorious MSP as I will now call him, head over to Greenpeace and see what you can do. And at you can adopt Salt and any of her pals—you get a plush whale and everything. Not to mention mad props from Poseidon, I’m sure. Stop whaling!

[Image of Salt and “stop whaling” icon from the WDCS website]

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