Guilty-Ass Cats Photo Gallery: They’re guilty as hell and they know it!  »

Rachel found this AWESOME picture that kicks off our gallery (because Rachel is AWESOME) and it inspired me to make a Guilty-Ass Cats collection! I’m trying to be like Buzzfeed but I don’t know if I can pull it off. Let’s see! Enjoy! 

1. “Ok, now who did this?” kitty

{From @JoelRama via @VeganMainstream]

2. Ashamed kitty

[From Sanitaryum]

3. “…nothing.” kitty

[From Cutestlife]

4. “It’s perfectly natural!” kitty

[From Dailypicksandflicks]

5. Denial kitty

[From Lovemeow]

6. Puppy-eyes kitty

[From Furrytalk]

7. Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold* kitty

[From Furrytalk]

8. Then of course there’s the infamous guilty cat video:

Ok now what have we learned?: That cats are hilar and I am not Buzzfeed!

*Broke out the William Carlos Williams on you! I’m just keeping you on your toes!

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