The Cute Show visits a guinea pig shelter in the Netherlands! I checked out the site of the “cavy village” and they say you can buy a cavy, but really I think they mean you can adopt one. And then when they say you can adopt one, really they mean you can symbolically “adopt” one of the old cavies by making a donation. The old ones get their own section of the shelter, an old cavies’ home! They call them “retired.” Aw. 

I had a guinea pig when I was little and I feel SO GUILTY about the way I treated her. She spent her life all by herself in what I now know is a gestation cage and I rarely cuddled with her. Poor Speedy! I feel terrible. When I am old and have a farm I’m going to have my own cavy-village dedicated to Speedy! And no cavy will ever be alone ever. 


In Switzerland, you can rent a guinea pig! In a good way!  »

Holy cute-balls, Batman, Switzerland rules! Apparently they have a LAW saying that, because guinea pigs are social creatures, you are full-on NOT ALLOWED to keep one alone. NO LONELY GUINEA PIGS.

But what if your penultimate guinea pigs dies, g-d forbid? Suddenly you’re a law-breaking scumbag, and the only solution is to acquire a new guinea pig you may or may not want. Woe!

But wait! Priska Küng to the rescue! This lady has 80 little guinea-critters of her own, and for the low fee of around $55, she’ll let you borrow one for as long as you want! Then you can give it back to her and she’ll give you back half your money! No longer are the poor Swiss citizens locked in an endless cycle of guinea pig adoption!

"It’s important that none of the rental guinea pigs just keep getting passed on," Küng told der Spiegel. “If an animal has been hired out once, it either stays with me for the rest of its life or it moves somewhere else for good.”

[Top photo: Tequila, Jacky, and Campari by photon_de, second photo by WOAW, via Flickr. Story via Kristina Bjoran]

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Happy Adopt-a-Guinea-Pig Month! Get a pal!  »

I was on Pawesome and how surprised was I? It’s adopt a guinea pig month and I didn’t even know! The month is almost over but you still have some time to get in under the wire. Or, you know, adopt one in April. I’m sure the guinea pigs won’t mind and you can give them extra cuddles for missing their special month.

I have a special interest in guinea pigs because, while I don’t have any now, I had one when I was little. Poor Speedy, she never had the life she deserved and I will feel guilty forever! I was young and didn’t know much about guinea pigs. I had her all alone—guinea pigs are social animals!—in what I’ve now learned is the size of a gestation crate. They need friends! And room to play! If you are considering getting a guinea pig, here is a great guide for caring for these little guys. I found a great site all about how to make awesome cages for your pal and this super helpful video showing you how to make a cool cage in detail. I also found out guinea pigs can do tricks! OMJesus. The circle trick is my favorite I think.

Because I love you lazy fools, I looked up where you can adopt a guinea pig. Here’s a state-by-state rescue listing that might be helpful for finding a rescue in your area. Cavy Spirit has adoptables for the SF Bay Area. I’ve read that the SFSPCA doesn’t do small animal adoptions but that the ACC does. San Diego has a cute place, Wee Companions, that has guinea pigs and in San Jose, there’s North Star Rescue. For the New York area, there is the Have a Heart Guinea Pig Rescue and the North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue in New Jersey. These are both Petfinder sites and if you search, there are lots of other places to find guinea pigs on Petfinder (just enter your zip code; I set up the rest of the search for you, should work I hope. Otherwise, do it yourself!).

A lot of these organizations also need CASH MONEY so I was thinking for those of us who can’t adopt, we could donate some funds! You can check each site for their donation page. Oh and if you know of any other guinea pig adoption organizations, write them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Update: Here’s a couple more places to adopt! Orange County Cavy Haven and Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue also have many guinea pigs up for adoption. (Thanks, Vegan Wheekers!)

Finally, here’s the famous pitbull Sharky giving his pig friend a bath!

[can’t see the video? Watch on! Cute picture from WOAW-World Animal Welfare on flickr. Laura just taught me how to use creative commons so get ready for some flickr excitement in your future!]

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