San Francisco Bay Area! Meet Gus! He’s pretty adorable, right? RIGHT. Well, he needs a home today and we wanted to help spread the word. Here’s what the woman who found him, has to say:

This stray little guy found us on your nightly walk yesterday. He’s really friendly and played well with our dog; and while he was a little apprehensive of us at first (for like a split second), he warmed up quickly. I would guess he’s a Blue Nose Pit, about 3-6 months old. He has fleas, but that’s easily remedied. I gave him a quick bath last night, so he’s cleaner than when we found him. We’ve taken to calling him Gus. If I cannot find him a home today, he’s going to the Berkeley shelter as I can’t keep him (one night is all I can manage). Someone please give this sweet little guy a forever home. 

So really, this is a last minute effort to get Gus into a great home without having to go via the shelters. The woman who found him already knows about rescue groups but speaking from my own extensive experience with them, rescues are able to take in dogs when they have foster homes, and those foster homes go to dogs who are lined up in the shelters. So anyway, going through a rescue group isn’t gonna work in this situation! But if you’re looking for a terrific little bully boy, Gus is your man! I can also tell you from experience (I’m very experienced in many things. SLUT!), that pit bulls are the BEST — this guy just needs a quick de-nadding (er, neutering), a structured home with lots of exercise, discipline, and love, and many kisses. AND LOOK AT THAT FACE! If you think you have what it takes to provide a truly great, stable home for this rad little dude, please email Miles! Thanks!

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