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Dry Shampoo in action! The videos on Verb’s “Demonstrate" page are awesome! 

I’m been lucky enough to have hairstylist friends (bang trims, galore!), which means I also have access to some awesome hair products. One of my BFFs, Jessica, has been working for this awesome company, Verb (based out of Austin, Texas, ya’ll), and I’ve been a fan of their Leave-In Mist for a few years now. It’s a great conditioning detangler, and heat protector!! (I’m a former bleached blonde, so I know a thing or two about fried hair. Jenny Bradley feels me on this!) I knew that particular product was vegan (and gluten-free), but was stoked to learn that so is everything else (minus the Forming Fiber, which they’re working on reformulating). They don’t test on animals (p.s. WHY DO COMPANIES STILL DO THAT?!?!) and they’re made in the good, ole U.S. of A. (#Merica)!


The answer to all my defrizzing prayers. 

I knew I had to write about them, so they sent me some other products to try (yay free stuff!)! The Hydrating Shampoo and the Hydrating Conditioner left my hair feeling super soft and tamed the frizzy situation (which can be a BIG situation, depending on the weather). I also tested out the Styling Cream, which isn’t something I’d seek out on my own, because my hair is super fine (and not in the “girl, you look fine” kind of way), but it totally didn’t weigh my hair down and CRUSHED the fly aways!


The key to the prettiest locks for the laziest gal. 

Then there was the Dry Shampoo. When I bleached my hair regularly (many hair colors and years ago), I only washed my fried locks once a week. Now that I’m rockin’ the au natural color (because I’m cheap and lazy!) I’ve been washing my hair daily (who knew I’d been killing so much natural hair oil all those years?!), but Dry Shampoo lets me be the lazy woman I’ve always dreamed of being (and no one would know by looking about my fabulous hair!!). 

If you don’t live in Austin (don’t move there, the locals hate it when people do), then you can order from their website!


The Gnarly Whale: Skincare and haircare to keep you sweet-smelling and vegan!  »


The biggest thing you’ll notice with The Gnarly Whale is that everything smells amazing. From lemon to papaya, all the products have a strong, usually fruit-inspired scent. But there is so much more to Gnarly Whale than meets the nose! 

The all-vegan line sent me many free products to try so I can give you the lowdown. I was VERY impressed with the haircare. The shampoo was the consistency of water so it was a little hard to actually get to my head (like some would leak through my hands) and I was worried it wouldn’t clean my hair—totally wrong! It cleaned my hair very well. And I NEVER wash my hair, so I really put it to the test! I was also really impressed by the hair detangler. I asked my friend Jess, vegan fashion genius, if she uses the detangler with conditioner or not, she says she uses conditioner and the spray. But I went ahead and tried it sans conditioner and it softened my coarse hair! And it smells SUPER.


The Beach Waves is also a great product. It’s not as beachy as other similar products I’ve tried but it also didn’t make my hair so stiff as those other products have. The only thing I didn’t like was the body spray. It was was not subtly scented like promised and it didn’t really moisturize like it suggested. But the lip balm gets an A+. And I love the oatmeal & honey soap! I double checked, no honey in it! It smells more like oatmeal and almond and you know I love anything almond scented. But my most favorite thing was the face and body scrub! It uses sugar to scrub off dead skin cells and then immediately adds moister with olive oil. Kind of genius. I was worried it would be too oily but it’s actually perfect. And I didn’t break out or anything. Just smooth, moisturized skin. And as with everything, what lovely scents it comes in!

The company also donates 10% of their profits to charity every month. Half of the monthly donation goes to Earth Justice, which seems super cool, but the other half goes to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. I’m a bit torn on this, I thought it was a regular aquarium (i.e. awful!) but they say they just do rescue, rehab and release, only keeping animals at the aquarium if the animal would likely not survive on its own. But I can’t find much info on them other than self-reported. But lord knows there are all kinds of sea animals getting injured due to human bullish! Anyway, this portion of this post was updated after I read on CMA’s website more. I’m still not totally sure though. 

Final pro-tip if you plan on purchasing, they have dope sales! So check that out for a bargain. And try the sugar scrub! It looks like you can pick whatever scent you want for the sugar scrub. I liked the coconut and I never even like coconut!


Product Review: CA Sunshine skincare!  »

Hi guys! Welcome to my latest vegan skincare product review. I have some good skin stuff for you today! And a hair mask too. All these products are from CA Sunshine. CA Sunshine is an all-vegan company and they also support various ocean conservation efforts. They sent me some gratis samples to try and now I will tell you all about them! Plus, there’s a little Q&A at the end so stay tuned. 

The first product I tried was Sunny Day, a “dewy look enhancer.” It’s organic argon oil, which is all the rage, plus sunflower oil, jasmin oil, and citrus essential oils. Bonus: the argon oil is sourced from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. I really like Sunny Day and it does give you a dewy look. I did find that it made my nose a little too oily, but I’ve used argon oil in the past and the same thing happened. I think my nose and argon oil aren’t meant to be BFF. So I ended up using Sunny Day all over my face except on my nose and that worked super. 

The next product I used was Starry Night. It’s grape seed oil, jojoba, and lavender oil. This I used all over, nose included. It was also really nice. The bottles say to moisturize after you put on these products but I didn’t feel like I had to with Starry Night. The thing with both of these products is you really feel like you are doing something healthy for your skin. It feels like all natural and hippie. I can dig it!

The last product I used was the Radiant Beach hair mask. The hair mask is mostly organic coconut oil and organic ricinus communis oil. My sister was just telling me she occasionally puts olive oil on her hair for a half hour to keep it healthy so I thought coconut oil would be a similar idea. But unlike olive oil, Radiant Beach is thick and not oil consistency so it’s easier to apply.

So, Radiant Beach is totally nice! BUT DON’T put more in than they say. I put like half the jar in because my hair is so long I thought I would need more than suggested. That was super silly! It took a while to wash it out. Like two days. So just use the amount they tell you. 

I did a brief question and answer for you guys with the creator of CA Sunshine, Terra:

1. Was is important to you that your products were vegan?

Terra: Since I eat vegan or vegetarian most of the time and I love natural products, it was almost expected that my product line would be natural and cruelty free. I like how my vegan products are pure and literally give you a guilt-free glow.  

2. How did you get involved with Seafood Watch?

Terra: Several years ago The Monterey Bay Aquarium invited me to a conference about sustainable seafood, and I have been a proactive advocate of ocean conservation ever since. I love the Aquarium’s program because it empowers all of us to be conservationists as we grocery shop. It couldn’t be easier. Each of us can make a difference.

3. Do you plan on releasing any other products in the future? What?!

Terra: I am working on an avocado-based product but can’t say much yet. It will be fantastic! After that, I have a California-colors makeup palette in mind.

There you have it, pals! I’m super excited about an avocado-based product, right? Some of my favorite products are avocado-based, like guacamole and stuff with avocado.

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