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Hey Jews! Did you know that Queen Esther was a total vegan? It’s true, at least according to this article. It’s probably kind of a stretch—she did live like a million years ago—but I’ll stake claim on any historical vegans I can get. Plus, she was a QUEEN. She totally saved all of the Jews from being murdered, according to the story of the Jewish holiday of Purim. Also, based on this totally historically accurate painting on her Wikipedia page, she was SUPER SEXY.

Hot, kingdom-ruling, AND a humanitarian vegan? Score!

In celebration of this fantastic discovery, and since Purim happens this Wednesday, let’s all make vegan hamantaschen! Haman-what?! They’re really delicious buttery sugar cookies, filled with jam and shaped like little three-pointed elf hats. THERE’S NOTHING BAD ABOUT THAT.

Happy vegan Purim!
Rachel Gary is from Connecticut, where she spends most of her time hiking, reading, tricking her family into eating delicious vegan baked goods, and avoiding doing laundry. As her responsible adult alter ego, she is an editor for an environmental and engineering firm.

[photo by Raquelita via Food52]

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