"Hank," the winner of the Humane Society’s 5th annual Dog of Valor competition, is a hero indeed. OK don’t cry!: When his owner was being attacked by her boyfriend wielding a hammer, Hank shielded her with his giant great dane body and probably saved her life. Hank sustained broken ribs and a fractured hip but he and his owner are now OK. In fact, they are making things better for other victims of abuse! The shelter that took in Hank’s owner, the Rose Brooks Center, just couldn’t refuse Hank after his bravery. He was the first pet they had allowed to stay there but now he has inspired them to add an addition that will¬†accommodate people with¬†pets who are in need of refuge! Yay Hank!


Hank the cat and Mac the dog are here to help!  »

Virginia, you want a representative who won’t fuck with your rights and will fight for animal justice? Vote Hank the Cat for Senate. As a kitten, Hank was rescued from a kill shelter by Animal Allies of Fairfax Station, Va., and has grown into a happy, healthy cat who looks quite dashing in a tie. Remember this face come November, Virginians—finally you’re getting a senator who can wear whiskers!

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Another animal coming to the aid of humans is Mac, the San Francisco Police Department’s drug-sniffing dog! He got an award last week for his work in the seizure of “over $3.75 million worth of drug money and over 500 pounds of cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, MDMA and heroin.” Way to enforce the law, pup! Mac is a three-year-old English springer spaniel who has been with the SFPD since July 2010. Also of note: He is totally adorable.

Imagine a government where animals replaced the jerks. What if the Republican candidates for president were rescued animals! What would they be? I consulted with Laura and Megan, and we say Rick Santorum would be a snake (or a weasel!), Newt Gingrich would be one of those turkeys that attacks people in their cars (or bedbugs!), and Mitt Romney would be an ostrich, or maybe just an ass.

[Hank story and video via DCist! Mac story and photo via SFist!]

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