Vegan Dessert Party for Harvest Home Sanctuary!  »

You know how we love us some baked goods and we love us some Harvest Home Sanctuary? Well, two of our great loves are coming together at this fresh-ass ALL YOU CAN EAT DESSERT PARTY and fundraiser for Harvest Home! Ow!

It’s taking place on Friday, March 11th in Danville (not THAT far, okay? And there is a bus that goes near the house it’s being held at! If you need more info on that, email Shani!) and there will be a million vegan treats and hey! Do you want to bring some, too? Because they need more bakers! Email Christine if you’re interested in taking this next level and contributing! And everyone else! On March 12th: Let’s eat so much and talk about how cute bunnies are and have the PERFECT EVENING. I’m excited.

RSVP on Facebook and then come get you one of THESE BAD BOYS:

[Photo by Sugar Daze!]

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