Bay Area: Bunny adoption event this Saturday!  »

This is Dudley, can he stop being ridiculously cute for like a minute? Jeez louise!

Here are the details, friend:

Join us Saturday, May 5th from 11am-3pm at our rabbit adoption event at the East Bay SPCA in Dublin with rabbits and bunnies from 5 different rescue groups and shelters from all over the Bay Area. Rabbit experts will be on hand!

  • Bring your family to pet the rabbits and enjoy interacting with them
  • Learn about rabbits, what they eat, and how to take care of them
  • Bring your rabbit questions
  • Bring your spayed/neutered bunny to find him/her a bunny friend (bunny speed dating!)
  • Free nail trims for rabbits
  • Meet and adopt the rabbit of your dreams
  • Check out our great bunny blankets & bunny toys for sale!

Meet and adopt rabbits from:

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
House Rabbit Society
Hayward Animal Services
Tri-City Animal Shelter
Bananas for Bunnies rabbit rescue 

A Rabbit Education & Adoption Event!

Saturday, May 5th

East Bay SPCA
4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA


Adopt a bunny at the East Bay SPCA on Saturday!  »

It’s another multiple-organization (woo woo) rabbit adoption event! Meet and greet bunnies from Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Hayward Animal Services, Tri-City Animal Shelter, and Bananas for Bunnies rabbit rescue. As always, you can also bring your fixed rabbit for help with matchmaking and free nail trims, get advice from rabbit experts, and purchase some bun-accessories. Plus, you can feed the rabbits fresh greens! If you haven’t watched a rabbit eat a big old carrot-top, you haven’t lived.

All the fun happens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the East Bay SPCA Tri-Valley Adoption Center, at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin. Contact them at (925) 479.9670 with any questions, and get ready to have fun with some adorable buns! Like Sidney, a male mini rex mix, who kindly agreed to lend his image to this post.

PS: You can preview the adoptable rabbits at each organization’s site: Harvest Home at PetFinder; Hayward Animal Services at Pet Harbor; Tri-City Animal Shelter at Pet Harbor; and Bananas for Bunnies.


Home for the Holidays: a Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary bunny adoption event!  »

Congratulations, you now have Saturday plans! After you eat ALL OF THE FOOD at Bomb Vegan Brunch, get over to Tri-Valley East Bay SPCA for their last adoption event of the year! There will be rabbits from Harvest Home, the House Rabbit Society, Hayward Animal Services, Tri-City Animal Shelter, and Bananas for Bunnies. Our pal Anne Martin says that “rabbit experts will be on-hand” to answer your rabbit questions, give your bunnies free nail trims, help your bun find a friend (spayed/neutered bunnies only!) with rabbit speed-dating, or help you “meet and adopt the rabbit of your dreams.”

The Tri-Valley East Bay SPCA is located at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin, Calif., and Home for the Holidays will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Anne says that as a bonus, the first five visitors will receive a free package of Go Max Go’s Cleo’s peanut butter cups. Vegan chocolate and bunnies, what could be better? Contact Harvest Home with any (non-rhetorical) questions.

These two bunnies are called Rosie and Pringles, and they are a pair of darlings who love dandelion greens and carrots, and are looking for their forever home. Adopt them on Saturday! Give yourself an early winter-holiday gift, and give one to some darling needy rabbits, too. Have a heart, home a bunny! See you on Saturday!

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