PopSugar TV posted this video last week of Ann Gentry making some vegan buckwheat salad from her new book Vegan Family Meals. NO THANKS!

Just kidding! Not really. I’m just saying, this is the type of food people think “those crazy vegans” eat (literally!) all day. Buckwheat salad with stupid cucumbers (the bane of my existence!) is not how I spell fun! It sounds healthy and crap. It reinforces the idea that we are all vegan for purely health reasons—bleh, health! This is why I have to down buckets of gin before anyone believes I’m not vegan for my health. It’s just for the animals! Luckily, I like gin.

Moreover, send me vegan donuts!


Vegansaurus NYC: Babycakes Holiday Menu Is Up!  »

cookie sandwich

The first time I went to Babycakes a couple years ago, I was all “EW HEALTH FOOD CUPCAKE DEVIL.” Recently, though, I cut back on sugar and wheat, and one or both of these things has happened: my palate is more sensitive, OR Babycakes has gotten WAY WAY better.

Seriously, though, Babycakes is not for the junky-junk food lovers; it’s more for those (enviably restrained) people who claim they “actually don’t really like sweets” and the rest of us who would rather have some sugar with our cupcakes than some cupcakes with our sugar.

THAT SAID, Babycakes’s holiday menu is up on their blog for all to drool over. It includes things like candy cane cake, apple crumb cake, and frosted pumpkin loaves. AND I went today and they have cookie sandwiches strewn about the display cases. They are TOPS. Eat them with me now.

Image: samsvegandiner

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