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Who wants a new vegan-friendly, employee-owned, veggie restaurant in Grand Rapids, Mich.? How about L.A.’s first vegan dessert truck? Or a vegan food truck in Rhode Island? Duh, you do. Why do bloggers even ask dumb rhetorical questions?

The power is in your hands, grasshopper. 

On Kickstarter, people with creative ideas can get other people with dollars to help make the creative ideas happen. The cool thing about it is that the people with dollars don’t have to have very many dollars to help out. Like, one is probably enough. 

Here’s how it works: The creative person sets a funding goal and then they have up to 90 days to convince as many (suckers) heroes as possible to donate. It’s like a zillion NPR fund drives are going on simultaneously up in that joint, with thank-you gifts for different contributor levels. Though usually on Kickstarter the thank-you gifts are more relevant to the project at hand than a tote-bag is to public radio. (Am I supposed to use the bag to carry my radio around so that I never miss a second of NPR? Is that what you’re trying to tell me, Terry Gross?)

And the best part is, here are VEGAN projects on Kickstarter. Right this second! Waiting for your vegan dollars and wanting to give you vegan tote-bag-equivalents and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with making something cool happen (and also with lying in a roomful of kittens). (Wait, can someone do a Kickstarter project to start a business that lets you lie in a roomful of kittens? Because I’d totally fund that.)

Here are a few of the projects currently looking for funding:

[Can’t see the videos? Watch them on]


Hey vegan ladies! A vegan lady needs your help! Come on, be a pal!  »

No comments from the peanut gallery (me), just straight down to business because I’m hungover and useless. Take it away, Erica!

I am currently a student at California College of the Arts doing a project on girl power and veganism! If you or someone you know wants to participate, pass along this message!

I want to make a ‘zine that talks about how veganism can be a useful tool or healing modality for fears and anxieties around body image in young females.

I am looking to hear from people who are committed to the vegan lifestyle and have identified as a girl and either A) used veganism to overcome an eating disorder or issues with negative body image, or used vegan outreach or activism as tool for self-empowerment/self-liberation.

Want to participate?
Here are some suggestions to get you thinking:

  1. What’s your identity and how does it relate to your body, your veganism, your activism? Body image can relate to how you look, how you see yourself, how others see you, how you move, your palette, your figure or shape, etc.
  2. Did you go vegan or become an activist as an adolescent? Did this assist you in any way in deflecting pressures around body image?
  3. Did it help you with adolescent depression, eating disorders, social anxiety or any issues girls often face growing up?
  4. If you went vegan as an adult: Were you ever bullied in school or at home for issues surrounding your body? How could your knowledge about systems of oppression and issues pertaining to veganism have helped you feel more empowered as a young girl?
  5. Words of advice for young girls?

E-mail all responses to by early next week!


  1. Your full name (you may also wish to be anonymous)
  2. Your age (if you wish)
  3. A photo or yourself (optional)Where you are located
  4. A description of how you are involved with vegan activism (do you volunteer, leaflet, run a blog or organization, work in rescue? are you an writer, student, or artist doing work related to these themes?)

Responses should be no longer than one to two pages. You can tell me more if you like, as I may be able to use your stories for ongoing research and future projects. Thank you so much for your valuable thoughts and beautiful stories!


Harvest Home Toast to the Turkeys Celebration is THIS SATURDAY!  »

This Saturday, Nov. 13, Harvest Home Sanctuary (our favorite!) in Stockton is hosting its  Toast to the Turkeys Celebration. You get to cuddle with farm animals, eat an amazing vegan feast, and tour a beautiful sanctuary for just 25 bucks. NOT BAD AT ALL. Get your tickets here!

If you can’t make it, check out their sixth anniversary funding drive and PLEASE consider donating as they are the absolute best and doing so sosososo much for the animals. I honestly can’t think of a better place to spend your money I MEAN OUR MONEY.

From the site (DONATE!):

In 2004, we opened our barn doors to the first animals rescued by our sanctuary on Thanksgiving Day. Since our creation, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary has established itself as a force for saving unwanted animals in California. Our organization has rescued hundreds of animals from shelters, hoarders, breeders, butchers and beyond. Currently, we are proud to care for nearly 200 animals at our rescue and rehabilitation center in Stockton. 

For our sixth anniversary this Thanksgiving, a team of volunteers will participate in Stockton’s Annual Run-Walk to raise funds for the sanctuary in union with our funding drive. 

Celebrate our lifesaving work with a donation to our $6K anniversary campaign today. Our funding drive will run through the end of the year. 

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