Fast & Furious Giveaway: Tickets to see Jonathan Safran Foer speak at the Herbst!  »

YOU GUYS! We have some free tickets (at least two, maybe more!) to the City Arts & Lectures talk with Jonathan Safran Foer at the Herbst Theater TOMORROW (Wednesday, Sept. 21) NIGHT! Tickets are $20 but we’re giving ‘em away to a few lucky Vegansaurus readers!

For a chance to win, let us know your favorite animal in the comments, or make some sort of mega-plea. Preferential treatment is given to omnivores (who could really benefit from this talk), people who will make him vegan cupcakes, or people who will ask hard! hitting! questions! that make! people! think! (but in a non-asshole way) BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF IS THAT YOU?

We’ll announce winners early tomorrow morning SO DO IT TO IT. Never fear, If you don’t win, there are still tickets available.


See Jonathan Safran Foer read from Eating Animals!  »

This is short notice, vegans, but famous author and vegetarian Jonathan Safran Foer will be reading from his book, Eating Animals in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 21 and 22. He’s doing two readings each day: on Tuesday, one at San Francisco State at 1 p.m. and at the Commonwealth Club at 7 p.m.; and on Wednesday, one at 826 Valencia at 12:30 p.m. and at 6 p.m., as part of the City Arts and Lectures Series at the Herbst Theater on Sept. 22. Foer is also doing readings in other parts of the USA and one in Toronto, Ontario, so check it!

If you haven’t read Eating Animals, then do look into it. Foer is a truly great writer, so even if you’re already vegan, the book is a joy to read. It’s also a great inspiration for relatable, compassionate vegan advocacy and provides some fantastic conversation points for those times when a person who eats meat wants to talk to you about veganism. All in all, JSF is a stand up guy (see our post on his appearance on The Colbert Report); now who wants to bring him vegan cupcakes?

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