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Don’t you wish you could find your friends’ doggie twins on the go?! Now you can! With the Best Friends Animal Society My Dog ID app. Above is my lovely sister Cally and her one-eyed dog twin. Pretty amazing. I tried a few other pictures of Cally and this same dog came up each time! Bwahaha. This app is more fun than I expected. Except I tried to find the dog twin for our pink dino and the app was like, whaa? It did find a dog twin for my dog though, so meta. 

This app doesn’t just entertain with its amazing dog twin finding abilities, it also lets you look up adoptable dogs in your area. Additionally, it makes it simple and easy to donate to Best Friends’ Invisible Dog initiative. That is how I like to see animal orgs getting into social media! A free, fun, interactive game that raises awareness for shelter dogs everywhere! Well played, Best Friends. 

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