New vegan online magazine is adorable and free!   »

Cara from hipsterfood (we love them!) started a community vegan online magazine called Chickpea (GOOD NAME) and their first issue just released yesterday. It’s really pretty, with some great looking food photos and recipes, which is not surprising because hipsterfood is so fucking cute and delicious! It’s also free, so no skin off your back to check it out, Scrooge McDuck. There’s more than recipes, too. We’re so lucky! Fall product guides, vegan journey stories, how to pack your own vegan lunch, and other really fantastic stuff that will cause you to read it instead of doing stupid work.

So, that makes two vegan online mags that I know of, this and T.O.F.U., right? Are there more? If so, let me know so I can read them all immediately. Well, right after I watch Community and Parks & Rec and the entire second season of Breaking Bad again. Also, I gotta clean the kitchen and do some Kettle Bell exercises (SEXY) but RIGHT AFTER THAT. And in conclusion, make me this from Chickpea’s first issue:

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