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SF Food Wars announced a Call for Competitors for the upcoming 12/06/09 Holiday Fixins-Off set at their home base, Stable Cafe!

It’s a Holiday Fixins-Off, where 20 home and professional comfort food wizards (THAT COULD BE YOU, LITTLE VEGAN COOKING MANIACS*!) will deliver a cornucopia of side dishes fit for an emperor! Penguin. That last bit was from an SF Food Wars email, it was just too cute to not include. Now, go! Compete! Show the word that vegan side dishes are the best side dishes in the world! Honetly, we should be the best at this, we’ve been playing the side dish game for more years than I care to remember! Actually, I lie, sides are totally the best part about the holidays. That, and being drunk all the time.

To enter, email to with the following info: Name, phone number, email, recipe name, and dish description. Timeliness and enthusiasm are key because they will select their 20 competitors soon!

Got questions? Check out their FAQ section or email them!

*Need we remind you how well vegans have done in past challenges?? Let’s continue this tradition of VEGAN DOMINATION!

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