Hey Hollywood! Doomie’s Pop Up Dinner is gonna be poppin’!   »


Photo courtesy of Doomie’s Facebook page

Doomie’s Home Cookin' in Hollywood has a plethora of seitanic foods (their secret menu item the vegan “Big Mac” has a cult following), so imagine my surprise when I saw that they'll be doing a gluten-free menu! And SIX COURSES?! People, this is a don't-miss! 

Email to make your reservation. 


HBO cancels “Luck,” horses everywhere presumably rejoice  »

Gusmano Cesaretti/HBO

How many horses have to die before someone decides a project is a bad idea? 

Three, apparently. 

That’s how many perished during the filming of the first two seasons of Luck, a Nick Nolte/Dustin Hoffman HBO show. The show just premiered in January, but they’re working way ahead because TV is weird and crazy. The latest horse died on Tuesday, and to HBO’s credit, they decided enough was enough.

HBO says they were taking extra-good care of the horses but “accidents unfortunately happen.” PETA says “old, unfit and drugged horses were forced to race for this series.” The organization “is glad that HBO has finally decided to cancel the show.”

I pretty much adore HBO (Six Feet Under? True Blood? Heck yeah), so I’m glad they finally made a respectable choice here and I don’t have to be all conflicted inside. Fake death I’m all for. The real stuff? No good.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


Kevin James and “Zookeeper” can kiss my ass   »

[Can see the video? Watch it on]

Tai the elephant “actor” is in this new movie Zookeeper. I call WTF: what are these movie people thinking? After the above footage came out depicting Tai getting abused in “training” for Water for Elephants, how can people just release a movie with that same elephant without at least a billion-dollar donation to an elephant welfare group? Not that a donation makes it OK, but I’m assuming they filmed before the Animal Defenders International footage was released, so maybe they didn’t get what elephant “training” actually looks like. Now that the reality of Tai’s abuse is out for everyone to see, people who have worked with Tai should be defending her! Right? If they really liked working with her and she’s such a great animal and all that? These Hollywood people get on my nerves. They actually could do something to help Tai and they don’t!
There are some people who aren’t celebrating the mistreatment of Tai; she was supposed to appear in a July Fourth parade in Sierra Madre, CA, but people flipped! Go people! The city got a ton of letters from people asking that Tai not be in the parade and blammo! She’s not. Besides taking a stand against the abuse we know Tai suffered, PETA also points out that elephants and fireworks maybe don’t go together that great. Fireworks are scary! A scared elephant is no joke! People get stomped! It’s dangerous.

So that’s the good news—kudos, Sierra Madre! I just wish Kevin James would say something about this Zookeeper bullshit. Like, at least a “my bad! Here’s a zillion dollars for the elephants!”


A baby squirrel being rescued in Hollywood by Animal Advocates. So cute! Are you all thinking what I’m thinking? I need a purse squirrel! If you guys ever save any animals, totally send me pictures.

[via holycuteness]

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