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Before we get started here, I just want to say that Bee Free Honee has seriously blown my mind. When I first read about it, I was like, “It’s made with apples and lemon, so it’s probably like a fruity, sugar syrup. That’s cool. At least no bees were harmed.” And yes, Bee Free Honee is made out of apples and lemon, but it is also so legit, it can’t quit. It tastes exactly how I remember honey tasting! The consistency is there too! But you already knew that, because we’ve talked about it here before.

I was never the biggest fan of honey, but I’ve had a special place in my heart for it because my grandpa would eat it with his oatmeal and I just thought he was the coolest! He also ate his shredded wheat with apple juice instead of milk, which was something I just couldn’t get into. Believe me I tried, once, with cornflakes. I like to think he would dig Bee Free Honee, and you know why? BECAUSE IT TASTES JUST LIKE HONEY! No joke!


Katie Sanchez, the innovator behind Bee Free Honee, sent me not only her Original Honee, but all of the new ones as well: Chocolate, Mint, Slippery Elm and Ancho chile! They are all so good. The flavors are really subtle and herbal. I wish I enjoyed drinking tea more, because any of these would be so great in a hot afternoon beverage! OR A HOT TODDY? I don’t know, I don’t like whiskey either [Ed. note: SQUARE!]. I used the chocolate and mint Honees to make brownies! While you can definitely use these cup for cup in place of sugar when baking, the brownies were a little too floral and herbal for me. I should have consulted the recipe page before proceeding! Oh well, we learn from our mistakes [Not me! -Megan Rascal]


My two favorites were the Original and the Slippery Elm, because they had the most classic tastes. It’s not because I’m boring, it’s because my favorite thing to make with honey used to be baklava! And by make, I mean what my mom would make and I would eat. I knew when these Honees were on their way that baklava was going down. My mom and I made a batch, and it was WONDERFUL! So, thank you Bee Free Honee, because being able to eat my mom’s baklava again was a fantastic experience! I didn’t think it was going to be a possibility to enjoy it again, so I am beyond stoked. 

Recipe coming soon! Maybe, someday.  

You find where to purchase Bee Free Honee here! I’ve seen it at Sprouts and Viva La Vegan in southern California. You can also follow Bee Free Honee on Facebook and Twitter

Full Disclosure: Bee Free Honee sent me their product free of charge to review; all of the opinions stated above are my own. 


Product Review: Bee Free Honee!  »

A lot of vegans are like, “what’s the big deal about honey?” I’ll tell you: IT’S SO GODDAMN GOOD. I love that stuff! Like, so much. And I don’t like agave at all, so I just gave up on the things I like to eat with honey.

Then I saw this Bee Free Honee! How excited was I?! So very excited. I got a free bottle to try and now I will tell you all about it.

I was skeptical but then when I opened the bottle, I was like, holy cannoli! It smells like honey! Plus, it looks like honey! I tried a little just on my finger and… it tastes like honey!

It doesn’t taste exactly like honey; It has a tartness that most honey doesn’t really have. But if you are a honey expert like me, you know that there are many different honeys that vary in taste depending on the flower source. This kind of tastes like one of the more exotic honey flavors. 

As I said, when I tried it straight, it tasted a lot like honey. Then I tried it on Shredded Wheat with warm coconut milk; it melted pretty quickly and the tartness came out more; I didn’t love it. Then I tried it on graham crackers with peanut butter, and it was great!

There are many other great things about Bee Free Honee. It’s made entirely of apples, beet sugar, and lemon juice. It’s safe for babies and people with honey allergies. Katie Sanchez, the creator of Bee Free Honee, also takes great pains to make her carbon footprint as small as possible: She sources local apples, and one day hopes to have production facilities powered by wind and solar energy. Plus, I’ve heard some weird stuff about agave, so Bee Free Honee would be a great alternative. You know what? This would be perfect in your Charoset at Passover!

Bee Free Honee is available throughout Minnesota, and you can buy it online at the Pangea Vegan Store!

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