This video of horse abuse for the sake of the Tennessee’s Walking Horse National Celebration earns the coveted Vegansaurus Graphic As Fuck warning. I guess it’s not that graphic in comparison to many videos we’ve seen. There’s no bloodshed, but the cruelty and disregard is just disturbing. And the horses just seem to be in so much pain and agony. 

I’ve never heard of this walking horse thing but damnit if it’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. How do things like this develop? Widespread cruelty for the sake of something absolutely absurd. 

Ecorazzi reports that Pepsi has pulled ads from the show, most likely due to the undercover footage. I think another great idea would be to trample these men with a stampede of horses. But horses probably wouldn’t do that. Cruelty really takes a human touch, doesn’t it?

One thing you can do is send an email to your legislator, the Humane Society will help you do that.

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