A delightful video from the genius behind It’sFaturday and frequent Vegansaurus contributor, Abby! This song about vegan boys being the worst is THE BEST, I am in love with it.

My favorite parts:

- I don’t like you! Just your values!


- Stop showing up to my bikram class, I don’t want to see your sweaty vegan ass!


Abby issues a disclaimer with the video, “I'm vegan! I like vegans (mostly)! But what's up, dudes? (Hey, it's a satire-ish, so don't get your panties in an uproar, my little herbivores.)”

So everyone calm down and I triple dog dare you to not be singing, “I’m a vegan! You’re a vegan! But Vegansexual is not a real word!” over and over again by lunch. Hell, I’ve been singing it to my vegan boyfriend for a couple days now, HE LOVES IT!

Speaking of Vegansexuals, Maria has a story about one in a real (soon to be) printed and published book! It’s too late to invest in it now but when it comes out, you need to buy it and laugh and laugh.

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