Your vegan-friendly weekend plans, NorCal! Sacramento, Hella Vegan Eats and a haunted hotel!   »

According to a recent list by the Huffington Post, “anything off a food truck” is one of the 22 most hipster foods on the planets. Vegan cookies, tacos and beer made the list as well, so whatever. I bet the writer’s head would explode at the thought of SactoMoFo 7 in downtown Sacramento! 

If you live in the Sacramento area, go check out Vegansaurus fave and Bay Area darlings, Hella Vegan Eats! The festival is free with a canned food item, or $5 at the door. Hella Vegan Eats, a beer garden and live music — sounds like an incredible afternoon to me! If you are considering coming from the Bay Area, why not make a weekend out of it and head to beautiful, vegan-friendly Nevada City afterwards? (Shout-out out to South Pine Cafe, my tofu scramble was DELICIOUS!) They’ve got a haunted hotel and I even heard there is outdoorsy stuff to do. I wouldn’t know, I spent all my time there in the old-timey bars and interrogating the staff at The National for all the ghost stories


More fun with homemade vegan cheese: testing Miyoko Schinner’s cream cheese recipe!   »


I love being able to make fancy, artisanal vegan cheeses at home! I’ve been meaning to try this cream cheese recipe by Miyoko Schinner for about six months now. I finally did, and honestly, it couldn’t have been easier! I used unsweetened coconut yogurt to ferment it, and I let it sit out for the full 48 hours. That was kind of tough! I thought I was going to be super cool about leaving food out, letting the bacteria do it’s job, but it turns out I am an American through and through! 

imageI made toast with Larrupin mustard, pepper and avocado! Delicious. Has avocado on toast always been a thing, or am I just noticing it now? I like to say the British have beans on toast and American vegans have avocado and toast. It really is a great combination! 

I super enjoyed not only making this recipe, but eating it too! I am very into the long fridge life: two weeks! I can’t wait to make frosting or cheesecake with it. It is my dream to try to replicate the blueberry cheesecake from Timeless Coffee in Oakland! It is also crucial I get some more of Sophie’s Kitchen Smoked Lox, ASAP! 

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