Differently-abled animals strike a cord with the Internet  »

I’ve been seeing so many stories lately about animals with various leg or paw injuries getting specially-designed tools to help them get around like they used to. I wonder if differently-abled (is that the term we use? Don’t be mad, I just don’t know the least offensive term) people think this is nice or if they think it’s weird the way the internet is so excited about these animals. There is something sweet about it though. So many animals get put down (or worse) if something is “wrong” with them and people really aren’t culturally obligated to help them, so when they go out of their way to improve the lives of these little animals, it does seem nice. Here are the stories I’ve seen lately:

Piglet on wheels:

Goldfish gets some help floating:

Kitty gets help from High School robotics club:

And of course there’s London, the pup with his own Ducati:

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