I spy with my little eye: PIG BLOOD DRAINING INTO A RIVER!  »

Do you know what this is? It’s PIG BLOOD in the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas. Pig blood from a slaughterhouse/meatpacking plant that is draining INTO the RIVER! Do your eyes and heart feel assaulted? I know mine do!

According to Consumerist, “an amateur drone pilot in Texas was flying a simple rig with a point and shoot camera attached for fun” when he noticed something amiss in a creek. FUN OVER. He notified the county, and a Department of Human Services investigation concluded that the discoloration WAS RAW PIG BLOOD! From an illegally placed pipe leading into the RIVER! Oh humanity, you get me every time! The government will not comment on what kind of legal action is in store for the perpetrator.

Actually my faith in humanity was somewhat restored after I read the comments from this article. Usually when it comes to these kinds of stories, the comments section makes me want to throw myself out a window.

[Picture via Consumerist. I definitely did not photoshop it, as I have no idea how to do that!]


And to think I used to idolize Steven Seagal!  »

When I first moved to the Bay Area, my therapist suggested I participate in an organized activity in order to “make friends,” whatever that means. I joined an aikido dojo and became intrigued by one of the most famous practitioners of this martial art: Steven Seagal. Dude was the first foreigner in Japan to operate an aikido dojo, and he’s a seventh dan, which means he’s basically indestructible. He provided further evidence of this in his acting career, movies such as Hard to Kill (obviously) and Under Siege. I decided during those heady aikido days that Seagal was a badass.

HOWEVER, Steven and I are now beefin’ due to his reality TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman, during the filming of which his team raided a farm on the grounds that the birds there were being raised for cockfighting. Cockfighting is terrible, but during the raid Seagal and his “team” allegedly killed more than 100 of the roosters living there, plus a puppy.

This behavior seems extra-odd in light of Seagal’s pro-animal-rights stance and the release of The Patriot (straight to DVD!). But Seagal and friends say the 11-month-old puppy, companion to the farm owner’s children, is lie invented to attract publicity and increase the damages in the impending lawsuit.

Let it be noted that toupee-wearing ham and terrifying racist teabagger Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz. signed off on this. This is the guy famous for forcing prison inmates to eat spoiled food and live in tents during extreme Phoenix temperatures. He also thought “volunteer chain gangs” were a good idea. Naturally, he OKed sending armored vehicles, dozens of officers, and Steven Seagal ON A GODDAMNED TANK to raid an unarmed chicken farm, tear down a surrounding wall, and smash the windows of the owner’s home. Thanks for laying down the law, “America’s Toughest Sheriff”! Puppy blood is on your hands.

[photo via Newsoxy]


Humans polluting the oceans makes fish dumber  »

I think some guy in a thick, very old book once said that it’s better to be a fisher of men than to give a man a fish and multiply it to feed thousands. Right?

Anyway, fishing sucks, but destroying the habitats of the fish who still remain is worse. And that’s exactly what is happening today: man-made increases in seawater carbon dioxide levels cause fish to lose their “handedness,” or preference for turning one way or another.

Poor dumb fish! Not-so-poor dumb humans who keep fighting EPA regulations, among other obvious mistakes!


Dear supporting animal abuse is tacky  »


It has recently come to my attention that in Elle magazine you call women who have condoms at their house “tacky.” As a woman, I am horrifically offended. Perhaps you did not realize that we are living in a time in which STDs run rampant? Perhaps you did not realize that pregnancy comes from unprotected sex? I have to take care of myself, and yes, that means I have condoms in my drawer. While it is always a little awkward when someone you are newly seeing pulls one out (Why do they have those? Who were they sleeping with before? How recent? Is there someone else?), let’s not kid ourselves that a Walgreens is always open or a feasible distance away. I need to look out for myself. But according to you, I am tacky? Turns out I’m also STD-free, which I think is decidedly un-tacky.

I’d now like to point out an incident involving you and your band (The Black Eyed Peas) that I find, for lack of a better word, tacky.

To wit: Performing a concert in Spain that “is a major sponsor” of the TV show Involución, which directly supports the abuse and exploitation of chimpanzees. Involución, translated as “devolution,” is a competition-based reality show in which a chimpanzee called Darwin (real name Noah) competes alongside humans in very humiliating and unfavorable tasks (mostly for the voluntary human participants). Animals don’t belong in the entertainment industry; they’re often abused to make them perform. Noah is no exception, as he belongs to animal trainer Steve Martin, who has already been cited numerous times by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. I understand your band has supported PETA in the past, by urging KFC to treat the chickens they cook more humanely. So what about other animals, specifically Noah?

Please,, take a stand against unprotected sex, and animal abuse and exploitation.

Jenny Bradley


Dear Everyone Else Ever,

Please sign the petition telling the Black Eyed Peas to stop supporting chimpanzee abuse!

Jenny Bradley


Murder-suicides: not just for humans anymore!   »

A mother bear in China killed her cub and then herself. Why? To escape the bear bile industry. You know, FUCKING BILE, that tasty digestive juice produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. That shit contains a chemical that can be synthesized now used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart arrhythmia, so this industry is totally still relevant—NOT.

The bears, Asiatic black bears or “moon bears,” at such bile farms have their gall bladders “milked” (GAG ME) daily in “crush cages,” which don’t provide enough room for bears to stand upright or turn around. You can tell it hurts them because the bears moan and chew their paws while this is happening. No SHIT it hurts!
This is what bear bile farming looks like.

And that’s exactly how the mother bear knew what was up: Reports claim she heard her cub crying while workers attempted to poke a milking hole in his little bear tummy. She BUSTED OUT OF HER NEARBY CAGE and scattered the workers. After an unsuccessful attempt to free her cub, she gave him a hug and then strangled him to death. Finally, she dropped the poor dead cub to the ground before running headfirst into a fucking wall.

This whole disaster supports my theories that 1) bears are awesome and 2) humans are terrible. Please donate to Animals Asia to help end bear farming. I’m going to go vomit now.


Another police officer kills another family dog  »

Payton, above, was shot in the head for no real reason, and the police wouldn’t even allow the family to have the body.

An Ohio county deputy sheriff was fired for using a “garden tool” in an alleged attempt to kill and bury a dog that had been injured in a car accident. The dog was later “found wandering near the road.” A Texas family has hired an attorney after a police officer responded to their home invasion call by shooting their Saint Bernard in the head.

Dude, what is it with police murdering dogs? Hug it out instead, guys! Once again, contact your local police department, and ask that they start training cops in effective, nonviolent ways to deal with animals so that this same sad story stops happening.


Just when I decide that humans are the worst and there is no reason to go on anymore (I take public transit on the daily, yo) I stumble across this video* and subsequent article. John Byrne, a homeless man in Ireland, dived into the river Liffey to save his pet rabbit, Barney! Barney ended up in the river, as some grotesque teenage passerby threw him off a bridge. Byrne said he would do it all over again—he explains that both Barney and his pet dog, Lilly, are his babies.

Now Barney is alive and safe, and Byrne will be presented with an award from the Animal Rights Action Network AND has had a full time job offered to him from the owner of animal farm in Tipperary! As for the 18-year-old who flung Barney into the river—he will appear in court on July 21 to face a charge of cruelty to animals.

*This video might be a little cheesy, but I totally cried my eyes out watching it. I liked it better than all the vids of people watching Byrne cling to the side of the bridge with Barney, waiting for the emergency rescue crew.


Quick, help Huey before it’s too late!  »

This is so sad
. Poor Huey. The roommate of this four-pound chihuahua’s human companion threw him to the ground, kicked him in the head, and PISSED ON HIM. All together now: WTF?! 

The little guy is clearly in pain and probably has brain damage, and he needs your donations to help get him to a neurologist. Click here to donate, and hurry! Please. I’m gonna go donate my life savings ($50, for real, I’m broke) and cry now.

UPDATE from Megan Rascal: Some people were concerned because the Chip In page said that the date to raise money for Huey had passed. I emailed the rescue group helping Huey and here is their reply:

Hi Megan,

Thank you so much for posting about Huey!  Because of the postings of Huey’s story we were able to meet the goal we needed to get Huey into a neurologist and get an MRI, etc.  We are so grateful for all the caring people out there such as yourself.  People can still donate and all funds will continue to go to Huey’s future care…most likely he will need continued medical care for the trauma he suffered. But know that because of you and other wonderful people that have helped Huey, he is going to get all the medical care he needs.


So if you donated, your money is still going to help Huey! Maybe if you guys remind me, we can email them in a month or so and see how he’s doing.


Dog’s wheelchair stolen; donations save the day!  »

Lucky with his wheelchair. Did you know what wheelchairs for dogs looked like? I didn’t!

Can you even believe this shit? Dogs cannot catch a break. Paraplegic from a car accident, 12-year-old Belgian shepherd Lucky was scootin’ around Boston on his custom-made wheelchair, mindin’ his own damn business. At the end of the day, Lucky’s human companion left the wheelchair in the yard for a spell. When he came back, it was gone! Those things cost a pretty penny ($400 to $500). There is, however, a happy ending: The organization Handicapped Pets donated a new wheelchair, so Lucky is back to walkin’ and ballin’ and sniffin’ around, as dogs are wont to do.

So riddle me this: Why would a person steal a wheelchair customized for a dog? What could he or she possibly use it for? Stealing is wrong!


Monkey-dog rodeo: infuriating abomination of nature! Plus ridiculous costumes!  »

I had a horrifying, violent nightmare about monkey abuse the other night, so it’s fitting that the dumbest idea ever should come across my radar: a monkey-dog rodeo out of Tupelo, Miss.

Rodeos are bad enough, but this is downright stupid. I mean, the ex-bullfighter who runs it goes by “Wild Thang,” so that should give you a clue. But really, Tim Lepard? Monkeys and dogs don’t go together. You strap white-throated Capuchin monkeys to dogs, call them the “Ghost Riders,” and make them herd a group of sheep onto a Dodge.* THIS IS NOT GRABBING LIFE BY THE HORNS.


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