Behavior therapy for a rescued stray dog. This video is pretty sweet—or bittersweet. Or just sweet. My dear Figaro was a stray before I got him and he was totally cray-cray! We didn’t have trust problems; in fact, he insisted on riding in my lap on the way back from the shelter (don’t worry, he has a seat belt now). It also helped that my now-25-pound dog was a nine-pound skeletor! He’d eat anything from anybody! He does have some trust problems with the occasional male even after all these years. Dogs are so sensitive!

Nice reveal at the end, right? This shelter is in Chile and their site is in Spanish but even if you don’t know Spanish, check it out for super-cute dogs! Like, SUPER CUTE: “Me llamo Liz y busco una familia que me quiera.” Holy crap, so sweet. I want them all!

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